Recipients of the Edgar Evans Award

AwardLiev Capra – Noble Doubt

Daddy Bear – Goldilocks and Bears

Charlie Rocca-Cups

Rose Hatcher – Sims Stories

Hailey Merchant – Get to Work Vignettes





About the Edgar Evans Award:

This award was started to honor outstanding sims — and the simmers who created them. Each recipient is chosen as an example of an individual with strong values and a desire to serve the family and community.

If your sim has been nominated, please do the following:

  1. Save a copy of the award photograph shown here.
  2. Create a post on your blog showing the award.
  3. On your post please include a photo of your sim along with his or her acceptance speech.
  4. Link back to Jonathan Chronicles.
  5. Link back also to the simmer who nominated your sim.
  6. Nominate another sim and notify the simmer. Please provide these instructions.

That’s it! Congratulations to all winning sim and their creators. It’s good sims and good simmers who have built our game community.