As characters come and go in Jonathan’s life story, I will list them here with a brief note. You’ll find more information by searching CHARACTER posts in the blog.

Jonathan Evans

Violin prodigy and main character of Jonathan Chronicles. At the start of this story, he is a student at the prestigious Academy of the Performing Arts. He hopes to someday play with the National Simerian Orchestra.

Other Characters

Alonzo Sams

A former classmate and one of Jonathan’s neighbors in Newcrest.  He grows and sells flowers and hopes to someday own a florist shop.

Benjamin Brooks

A trumpet and guitar player at the Academy of the Performing Arts, and Fiona Patterson’s on-again, off-again crush. He’s a neat fellow who likes hot jazz, country music, and flirting.

Fiona Patterson

A cello major at the Academy of the Performing Arts. She is very active in the Music Students’ League. She first met Jonathan Evans in a string theory class. They’ve enjoyed an innocent flirtation.

Hattie Mae Richards

A violin major at the Academy of the Performing Arts. Hattie was raised by foster parents and has no family of her own. She looks forward to finding a good man, getting married, and having a true family.

Kat Phillips

A piano major at the Academy of the Performing Arts. She and Jonathan are both members of the Academy’s Music Students’ League and have casually dated. They’ve also performed piano and violin duets together.

Nadia Billings

A former classmate and Jonathan’s date for prom. She and Jonathan appear to have little in common other than a love of music, although their musical tastes are very different. He enjoys classical; she’s into alternative, especially dark ambient and ambient Goth.