A Close Call

Edgar EvansFormer astronaut Edgar Evans is proud to say he now has 22 members of his fan club — all the neighborhood kids. They’re so cute. He loves visiting their little club and talking about his time in space.

Of course, he also enjoys having the current group of NSSA Cadets over to his place and fixing dinner for them. He makes a mess, but his wife, Sara, never complains.

The Evans family did have quite a scare recently, though. Edgar’s wife, Sara, has been spending a lot of time taking care of those exotic space plants the space agency has been studying. A woman working at the agency — Yasmin Grayson — nearly died because of those plants. It seems they’re the cause of an ailment the scientists have named boverde flu.

Boverde Flu Sara got violently ill, and Edgar was afraid he was going to lose her. Fortunately the doctors have now developed a cure for the disease.

Edgar is very insistent that his wife steer clear of those exotic space plants in the future.

And what’s going on with Kat and Jonathan? Why aren’t they having babies? Family is far more important than career, at least in Edgar’s opinion, and Sara is inclined to agree with him. But so far, no news about any little ones on the way.









Don’t Wake the Llama

It’s the end of the year in New Simeria, the perfect time for taking stock of one’s life. Holidays are usually happy occasions for Edgar and Sara Evans, but this one has been a little less happy than usual.

Sara was disappointed that her latest sci-fi novel, Electric Earth, wasn’t even nominated for a Jupiter Award, and Edgar has been a little pre-occupied lately. What she doesn’t know is why her husband has been a bit worried lately.

He’s heard rumors about their son, Jonathan. Apparently the boy is cheating on his lovely wife, Kat. Edgar finally invited him over for an afternoon, and he expressed a few thoughts about fidelity. Quite discreetly, of course. He hopes Jonathan will take it to heart.

Kat’s been a bit depressed, Jonathan said. She was hoping to have a baby, but it hasn’t happened yet. They’ll keep trying, of course.

Sara was also talking about moving to a new place in Newcrest, conveniently close to Jonathan and Kat. Edgar nixed that idea. There’s nothing wrong with their house, and the last thing their son needs is an interfering mother close by.

Wake the LlamaEdgar did remodel Jonathan’s old bedroom and turned it into a game room. Sara likes playing games like that silly Don’t Wake the Llama game. It’s fun, at times. She’s worried though. She knows something is wrong in Jonathan’s marriage, and what about her own marriage? Why is Edgar suddenly being so distant? Whenever she brings it up, he tells her to stop worrying, nothing is wrong.

And if she tries to talk about Jonathan, Edgar says she should mind her own business. “Don’t wake the llama,” he says. In other words, some things are better left alone.

She’s trying, and maybe Edgar is right. Maybe Kat and Jonathan need to work things out on their own.

Meanwhile, Sara has been keeping busy with a new book. A cookbook. She’s calling it “Out of the World Food”, and including lots of her astronaut husband’s favorites, like the Pineapple Rocket Salad she makes. She’s doing a lot of cooking, and fixing a lot of Edgar’s favorites lately. Despite his reassurances, she can’t help but worry.



From the Parents’ Perspective

Edgar and Sara Evans are thrilled that their younger son, Jonathan, has now settled down, tied the knot, and is happily married. They’re thrilled, too, that the older son, Michael, and his wife, Carole, are going to be presenting them with their second grandchild in March.

Sara EvansSara wasn’t so thrilled about the sci-fi Jupiter awards. She didn’t win, but she has finished another sci-fi novel, Electric Earth, which has also been picked up by the book-of-the-month club and hailed in the literary digests. So, she’ll probably get another nomination, but she’ll probably lose again. It’s fine. It’s an honor just to be nominated.

She’s been keeping busy — when she’s not writing — by doing a little art collecting. She loves going to Annie Caldwell’s gallery in Newcrest. That’s close to where both Jonathan and Michael live, so it gives her a good opportunity to drop by and visit with their wives, and with little Theo, their first grandson.

What will the stork bring next? Sara’s excited and can hardly wait for the new baby to arrive.

Edgar is still puttering around, feeling a little lost now that he’s on ground duty. He did hire a maid service so that Sara can have for time for writing and for visiting with the kids. He misses them. Of course, having more grandchildren to spoil will make it easier. Jonathan says he and Kat won’t be having any little ones for a while, though. Not until their education is finished. Smart boy.

Sara and Edgar have been blessed, indeed. They’re pleased with all life has given them.


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Characters: Sara Evans

Playful SaraSara Foster Evans considers herself one of the luckiest women in the world. Her life couldn’t be more perfect, in her opinion. She met the love of her life was she was a young woman of 22, married him two years later, and together they raised two sons who have gone on to be successful, responsible young men.

From the start, Sara aspired to be a good wife to Edgar. She loves cooking and housekeeping — she’s very neat — and she’s always welcomed friends to their home.

After their first child, Michael, was born, Sara made up little stories to entertain him. Soon she was writing them down, gathering them into a book of children’s tales, and sharing them with others. Encouraged by the positive response her stories received, she continued writing. When their second son, Jonathan, came along, Sara’s book of stories grew larger still. She wrote of the boys’ adventures, their dreams for the future, and the love their family shared.

A popular woman’s magazine discovered Sara’s writings and offered her a position as a monthly feature writer. It was an ideal career for her. She was able to work at home, provide insights and inspiration to other families, and feel that she was making a valuable contribution to the world without having to sacrifice the time she spent with her family.

As her husband’s career with the NSSA advanced, Sara listened attentively to his accounts of rocket launches and space travel. She wrote Edgar’s official biography and also penned numerous articles about the special challenges they shared — the constant worries for his safety, the loneliness they endured while he was away on missions, and the difficulties he faced when it came time to retire from active flight duty.

Meanwhile, her imagination was creating new worlds based upon Edgar’s experiences in space. Sara turned her attention to the science fiction genre and was thrilled when her first novel — a young-adult story called The Alien from Toomootoo — became a best-seller. She now writes adult science fiction and has been nominated for several “Jupiter” awards.

Sara once dreamed of being rich and famous. She aspired to live in a large, luxurious home. In looking back, she now laughs at those dreams. In her opinion, she is rich, indeed. Even though they don’t have much money, Sara and Edgar have a good life, a strong marriage, and a love that never ends. As for that big house? No, thanks. The Evans could afford a bigger home, but Sara has no intention of ever leaving their house. It’s where they raised their family and where they now entertain the grandchildren Michael and his wife have given them. With Jonathan getting married soon, there will be more grandchildren to come.

It’s been a good life, and it’s only going to get better.

Aspiration: Mansion Baron

Traits: Active, Family-Oriented, Neat

Sara and Edgar Evans — as an adult couple– are available for download from the Gallery.



Time to Settle Down

Jonathan Evans has been doing a lot of thinking lately. Of course he’s having fun playing around, flirting with all the girls…and woo-hooing them, too. But the truth is, he needs to start thinking about the future.

At least, that’s what his father tells him.

Just Like Old Times
Jonathan fondly remembers family meals…and the family values on which he was raised.

He and his brother, Michael, got together with their mom and dad last week for dinner, and it was almost like old times. Of course, Michael is married now — and quite happily so — and before long Jonathan will be having nieces and nephews, and…isn’t it about time for him to settle down?

Those old times were good ones, and Jonathan was raised on old-fashioned family values. Really, what in life matters more than having a strong, supportive, loving family? He wouldn’t be where he is today without his mother, his father, and his brother. Throughout his life, they’ve encouraged him, given him opportunities to learn and grow and be himself.

Isn’t it time now for him to become a real man? Isn’t it time for him to make a few decisions, and get started on the real business of living? Simply put, it’s time to choose a wife, get married, and start raising a family of his own, carrying on the proud Evans family traditions.

Who will it be? Kat Phillips? Fiona Patterson? Hattie Mae Richards? In his heart, he already knows the answer.

Big Blue DividerWho will Jonathan choose to be his bride?

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What’s Wrong with Kids These Days?

It’s harder than Edgar Evans expected it to be. He’s been to space, he’s trained other astronauts, and he’s been a newsmaker giving interviews and appearing before television cameras. Yeah, all that was easy. What’s not easy is having his two Edgar Evanssons grown and gone.

He and Sara agreed to devote themselves now to one another and to their careers, but that doesn’t take away that lonely feeling. He misses his boys.

Of course, he sees a lot of Michael since they work together at NSSA. Michael and the other astronaut trainees also come over in the evenings at least once a week. It’s not the same, though.

And Jonathan? Well, that boy is so busy he doesn’t even call. Edgar worries a bit about his youngest son. Being a musician is a fine profession, but maybe it doesn’t provide the right amount of structure for Jonathan. Maybe he’s too sensitive, too emotional, too passionate. In other words, maybe he’s spending too much time chasing after love. Or lust. More likely lust.

Edgar’s thinking now that maybe he needs to have a long heart-to-heart with Jonathan. But when? The boy is too busy to call, so when would he find time to come visit mom and dad?

What’s wrong with kids these days?

He’s making a new rule.  Dinner on Friday. With the family. Jonathan and Michael both need to be there. Michael can bring his wife and Jonathan…well, he can bring his “flavor of the week”. What a sorry state of affairs.

Edgar definitely needs a chance to talk to his son and set him straight on the real facts of life.



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