Bloomin’ Beauty

news-mud-bath-560x370Since Sims 4 was released in September 2014, a lot of things have been added. I especially love the herbal lore, the wellness skill, and all the spa treats that are now part of the game. For months, my sims have been happily soaking with bath salts, and brewing up many herbal concoctions.

It’s always enjoyable when my sims’ world meshes with my own, and that’s exactly what is happening now. Recently one of my daughters introduced me to Perfectly Posh products — all naturally-based and made with essential oils. I no sooner tried them than I knew I wanted to share these skin care and hair care products with others. So, I became a Perfectly Posh consultant.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to be doing a lot of training. I’ll be working to set up my new website and blog — Bloomin’ Beauty — and I’ll be reading a lot of product literature. I’m excited about my new career as an independent consultant, and I want to get this venture off to a good start.

What that means is that I’ll be taking a short break from Jonathan Chronicles.  Jonathan, Kat, and all the members of the Evans family have been part of my life for many months, and I enjoy sharing stories about them — and about other sims in my game. For now, though, I’ll be on a little hiatus while I build my business.

Jonathan Chronicles will return on September 1, and I hope to see you then. In the meantime, please check out Perfectly Posh either by visiting my Perfectly Posh website or Bloomin’ Beauty. I know you’ll love these products as much as I do.