Characters: Bennett Rizzo

Today, I’m happy to introduce master violinist Bennett Rizzo. He’s retired from the National Simerian Orchestra, and is now holding master classes for a select few musicians, including Jonathan Evans. Bennett Rizzo

Other members of the Music Students League from the Academy of Performing Arts often attend the informal recitals Mr. Rizzo gives in his home.

He is now in his late seventies and is unsure how much longer he’ll be able to continue teaching.

His wife, Beatrice, recently passed away and Bennett is composing a violin work in her memory. He hopes to have it completed before he joins her in the great beyond.

Bennett is now searching for a housekeeper and companion. Candidates must have high levels of skill in both cooking and gourmet cooking. Interested ladies may apply by leaving a comment. A love of good music would also be a good quality.

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Traits: Creative, Genius, Glutton

Do YOU have a lady sim who might be a good match for Bennett? He’s a gentle soul who misses his wife greatly. Please share gallery links to your sims and help Bennett find a caring, concerned woman to keep him company in his final years.

Females of all ages are welcome to apply.

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Characters: Hattie Mae Richards

01-30-16_5-16-46 AMHattie Mae Richards is another student — and another violin major — at the Academy of the Performing Arts. She is also another lady on Jonathan’s ever-growing list of possible romantic prospects.

Despite their shared love for the violin, Jonathan and Hattie don’t know one another too well. She’s on the quiet side and tends to remain in the background during rehearsals or concerts.

Like Jonathan, Hattie Mae hopes to someday have a place in the National Simerian Orchestra, although she doubts she would ever be given the coveted “first violin” role. It would be far too much responsibility for her to handle. She’d be content to simply be part of the orchestra.

Hattie Mae has no family living in the area. Her parents are both deceased, and she was raised in a foster home. She looks forward to eventually finding a good man, getting married, and having a true family.


Hattie Mae is available for download at the Gallery.

She is included in the MUSIC STUDENTS household.

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Traits: Creative, Music Lover, Neat



Characters: Fiona Patterson

01-28-16_5-28-05 AM (2)Fiona Patterson is another student at the Academy of the Performing Arts. She has many classes with Jonathan Evans, including a string theory class.

Fiona plays both cello and piano, and she’s hoping to someday play for the National Simerian Orchestra. Her favorite cello pieces include the cello concertos by Antonin Dvorak and Edward Elgar.

She and Jonathan have had quite a little flirtation going. Even though he’s gone out with Kat Phillips a few times, he’s still quick to flirt back whenever Fiona flashes those crazy eyes at him. Just don’t let Kat find out about it.

Like Jonathan, she’ll be graduating from the Academy in 1033.


Fiona is originally from Willow Creek. Her father, Ray Patterson, is also in the performing arts doing repertory theatre in the city. He performs mostly comic roles. Fiona’s interest in the stage no doubt comes from her father.

In addition to her love for music, she’s very active physically. She enjoys jogging and working out at the gym. She spends her time between classes at the Academy, ensemble rehearsals, and attending recitals. She especially enjoys the recitals and master classes given by Bennett Rizzo.

Fiona Patterson is available for download at the Gallery.

Aspiration: Leader of the Pack

Traits: Active, Music Lover, Ambitious



Lessons from a Master

September 1030

Bennett Rizzo performs a difficult passage from a famous violin work.
Bennett Rizzo performs a difficult passage from a famous violin work.

As classes begin again at the Academy of the Performing Arts, many exciting new opportunities are arising for violin prodigy Jonathan Evans. He’s been accepted into a master class taught by Bennett Rizzo, formerly first violinist with the National Simerian Orchestra.

Kat Phillips has now expressed an interest in the violin, too, so she often accompanies Jonathan when Mr. Rizzo conducts workshops. Jonathan enjoys being with Kat, but he’s not letting the relationship take any serious turns. He still wants to enjoy his new-found freedom and get to know some of the other young women at the Academy.

He’s especially interested in Fiona Patterson. Although she’s a cello major, she also attends some of Mr. Rizzo’s classes on music theory. He’s a true master! Or maybe she just likes being around Jonathan. They do seem to have a lovely little flirtation going on between them, at least when Kat’s not looking.

Jonathan Evans helps Kat Phillips learn a few violin basics while Fiona Patterson watches.
Jonathan Evans helps Kat Phillips learn a few violin basics while Fiona Patterson watches.

Jonathan doesn’t plan on giving his heart away too easily. Along with Kat and Fiona, there are many more romantic possibilities to explore. He’s found that flirting is great fun, especially when the girls flirt back, and most of them do, you know.

Of course, he’s got his violin, too. Making beautiful music is almost like falling in love.  Oh, the emotions that can be conveyed through a beautiful song. Music truly does have its charms, and Jonathan is learning to use them to his advantage.