Free Perks!

It doesn’t take long for the modding community to go into action once a new game pack or expansion pack is released for Sims 4. Dine Out hit the market on Tuesday, June 7, and the following day devilgirl introduced the “Simstopics Free Restaurant Perks” mod. Let’s just say that my ears “perked up” at the sound of this.

It’s available at Mod the Sims and will allow your restaurant owners to cash in on the in-game perks. You must have the Dine Out game pack, of course.


For me, running a business in any sims game has always proved difficult. I don’t have any restaurant owners yet, but when I do, I’m definitely going to consider this mod to make their life — and mine — much easier.

Stepping Back in Time

I do enjoy medieval music, so I love sharing it with others. Since I’ve been finding Esmeralda’s mods for medieval-themed instruments, I couldn’t resist stepping back in time today with a few more tunes to enjoy.

Here, for your listening pleasure is one full hour of medieval instrumental music and a look at medieval life.

A Fun Find – Variable Relationships

If you’re a regular reader of this blog — and I hope you are — you know how much I love randomness in my simming. I create sims with randomly-chosen features in CAS. I randomly assign personalities and careers, not only to my CAS sims but to my townies as well. I keep a die next to my computer and roll it often to determine many different “random factors” in my game play.

This morning I found a wonderful little mod that will allow me to bring a new level of chaos and unpredictability into Sims 4. It’s the “Variable Default Relationship” mod by scumbumbo, and I can’t wait to try it in my game.

MTS_scumbumbo-1472599-VariableDefaultRelationshipsThanks, scumbumbo, for making this fun mod!

Here’s how scumbumbo describes the mod:

Everybody in a new household gets along by default. HOW UTTERLY BORING! Want a change? Want a challenge? With variable default relationships, your next household might be completely disfunctional!

This Mod will vary the starting sim relationships when a new household is created. The relationships can range anywhere from outright hatred to the very best of friends.

Both friendship and romance relationships vary. A married sim’s love may not be reciprocated, or perhaps both partners hate each other and it’s purely physical, or they could be great friends but the romance has gone stale!

The variance is not purely random. For those who know about probability, the resulting relationshps are based on a gaussian distribution centered on the default relationship values.

This mod will be great for the “townie” families I create for my game. It comes in three “strengths”, ranging from low to high.

  • The default version creates the highest level of variance
  • The medium version is somewhat less variable
  • The lowest strength will generally create relationships near to the default

I’ve downloaded the “high level” version, and I know I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.

Scumbumbo also says:

Since the results are based on statistical averages, even the lowest strength can on occasion create sims that utterly despise each other. It will be rare, but it is possible. BTW: I generated a lot of families during testing to tweak the results, but I am interested in any opinions as far as the tuning of the variances. Too much? Too little? Let me know!

This mod also affects newly generated “townie” sims households. Relationships in existing households will not be changed.

Generic Problems!

One of the most frequent complaints I’ve seen on EA’s “Sims 4 Forum” — other than the lack of toddlers — is the fact that you just can’t do much on a generic lot.

What’s a generic lot? Any lot that’s not designated for a specific type — such as residential, park, museum, or any other game choice. Players often use generic lots to get around the game’s “building codes” — those annoying checklists that say you can’t have a park without a jungle gym or a library without a chess table. Although we’re supposed to “rule” in our game, that catchy little slogan doesn’t apply to building.

By choosing to create a “generic” lot, a player can create anything. The trouble is, though, that generic lots aren’t worth much because the game refuses to recognize them in many ways. It’s a huge frustration.

It was frustrating when I downloaded a gorgeous wedding chapel from the gallery, only to discover that my sims couldn’t plan their wedding there because of its generic status. And clubs? Forget it. No mater how clever and creative you are, your sims can’t Get Together at a generic lot.

Well, yes, now they can, not because of any in-game changes or patches, but because modder Shimrod101 has heard our pleas and has given us a wonderful new mod. It’s available at Mod the Sims.

Clubs, Parties, and Weddings at Generic Venues


In addition to making social events and clubs possible on our generic lots, this mod also lengthens club events to ten hours, and adds an additional two hours to weddings.

Don’t have Get Together? No problem. You can still use Shimrod101’s new mod for your social events. The files it modifies are all from the base game, so all players can take advantage of its benefits.

Now, if only we could take our dates to generic lots. I’m hoping maybe that will be part of a mod very soon.

‘Til Death Do Us Part – Graves, Cemeteries, and Ghosts in the Game

GrimmieAs part of their wedding vows, Kat and Jonathan promised to love one another until the Grim Reaper comes to call and death parts them at last.

Death is a fact of life, and it’s an integral part of our games. Even if we turn aging off, our sims might still meet the reaper through deadly accidents.

What happens then?

Although we might not know much about the after-life in our own world, we do know for sure that there’s life beyond the grave in Sims 4.

When the game was first released, there were no ghosts. These were included in an October 2014 update from EA.

It’s Getting Spooky in Here

Now, when a sim dies, an NPC ghost attaches itself to either the grave or the urn you have in the household. Other sims can build relationships with the ghost. When you invite it to join the family it becomes a playable character. Ghosts can then get jobs, get married, and contribute to the household just as any living sim does. You can even bring a ghost back to life by concocting a little drink from angel fish, death flower, and youth potion.

Ghosts will behave in different ways depending on the cause of their death, and although I don’t use ghosts in my game, I’ve heard they can be very useful, indeed. And, if you tire of having ghostly helpers around the house, you can easily get rid of them by “releasing” them to the netherworld.

If you have the Get Together EP, you’ll also have two pre-made ghosts haunting your game — Mimsy Alcorn Shallot and her husband, Bernard. Even if you bring them back to life, they’ll still retain a bit of their “ghostly” behavior.

Sounds fun, right?

Unfortunately, there are a few “ghostly” problems in the game, and a few disappointments for players. The greatest concern for many is that ghosts count against the population limit, so if you have a lot of dead sims, your living sims might get “culled” and disappear. Not fun.

My sims have had problems with deceased spouses — not returning as ghosts, but simply remaining permanently married to their living spouses. In one instance the widow was able to set herself free by releasing her husband’s spirit, yet in another instance my sim ultimately went to her own grave without ever being able to remarry. Her attempts to release her husband’s ghost to the netherworld must have failed somehow.

And speaking of graves…well, here’s another problem. Unless you’re actively playing a household at the time of death, you won’t get a tombstone or grave. As a rotational player, I’ve missed out on the death of many of my sims. I was saddened not only by their passing, but by the fact no one could properly mourn them.

Still another disappointment is the lack of cemeteries in Sims 4. Urns can be kept in the house or in a sim’s inventory, and graves can be set outside the house in a little family plot, if you like, but there are no cemeteries to be found — unless you make your own or download one from the gallery.

Yes, it’s possible to put a cemetery in the game — I had one for quite a while — but with the small worlds we have, do you really want to do it? I removed mine after a time simply because I needed more activities for my living sims. My graveyard lot is now a movie theater.

The modding community has also stepped in to make death more palatable for players. Don’t like the in-game tombstones? Try the Grave/Urn Default Replacements by Elias 943 to make them more realistic-looking.

Or, to add to the effect of your in-game cemeteries, you can purchase snaitf’s Buyable Graves. You won’t get ghosts with them, however, nor will they have any sim’s name engraved upon them. I used to purchase graves for those sims who died while I was playing other households, but when I got rid of my cemetery, I also removed the mod.

Another mod — one that many players can’t live without — is snaitf’s Disable Autonomous Mourning, It made a strong showing when I asked simmers to list their favorite mods.

In my game, Mimsy and Bernard are still floating around Windenburg — and they’ve given Dr. London’s Therapy Group quite a fright — you can read about it in my forum post: Therapy for Goofballs. But all other remains are gone. Oh, I might have an urn or two stuck away in inventory, but I won’t do anything with them. I’m not a supernatural/fantasy player, and I wouldn’t know where to find an angel fish or death flower if I did want to bring a ghost back to life.

My greatest disappointment, however, is that in Sims 4, gone also means forgotten. Once a deceased sim leaves the game, all reminders and references go away as well. It’s very sad for me when Kurt Bowen clicks on paintings he has that were painted by his famous pop art father, Arthur. Some of his works are even hanging in the museum, but Arthur gets no credit for them.

And if you look at Kurt’s family tree, he simply has no father. Poor dad has completely disappeared. It’s as though he never existed at all.

So, what I’m mourning is the loss of those memories. Sims is a game about life — and death. I wish we could truly honor both.

Your Favorite Mods: Work/Study Hard

Work reports
Filling out all those work reports is a real drag…especially when you can’t afford a home computer.

A lot of players have said that work in Sims 4 is a bit of a grind. In addition to “at home” requirements to advance in a career, sims also have to perform well on the job. Sometimes, filling that performance bar takes a long, long time.

Too long for many players. As a result egureh’s “Work/Study Hard” mod has become a player favorite. It’s available at Mod the Sims and will allow you to increase the rate at which your sim gains performance. The player can choose from several levels, ranging from 2-1/2 to 20  times the game’s default rate.

I don’t use this mod so I can’t attest to its reliability, but it does appear that the last update was about a year ago. As with any mod, download and use at your own risk. Since players from the Sims 4 Forum mentioned it many times when I asked about mods, I’m guessing it still works with the latest patches.

Your sims will still have to fill out reports for business, practice making drinks or meals for the culinary career, and before the other “home” assignments, but their on-the-job performance will make those promotions a lot easier to attain.


More Favorite Mods

Your Favorite Mods: Disable Autonomous Mourning

Let’s face it. Death is a fact of life in Sims 4. Unless you’ve turned aging off, your sims are going to grow old and die. Even with aging disabled, your sims are still subject to death by many means. Sims can drown, be electrocuted, set themselves on fire, and even pass away from the rigors of too much woo-hoo.

Sims 4 UrnAlthough fellow sims don’t always react when the Grim Reaper comes calling, they will definitely react to the presence of an urn or tombstone — even if they didn’t know the deceased. It’s annoying. They’ll drop items from the queue so they can rush to a grave to weep and wail and wring their hands in despair.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s fine to pay respect to the dead — when directed to do so. It’s just the autonomous action that drives players batty.

When I recently asked players on the Sims 4 Forum to tell me about their favorite game mods, one of the most frequently mentioned was Snaitf’s “Disable Autonomous Mourning“. It’s available at Mod the Sims and will stop your sims from grieving at the sight of an urn or tombstone. You can, of course, still direct your sim to mourn at appropriate times.

Note: If you previously downloaded Snaitf’s Buyable Graves, this mod will not disable autonomous mourning on those urns and tombstones. The mod has now been updated to include this feature, so you’ll want to re-download those items.

Players love this mod. Here’s what Chellejo had to say about it on the forum:

I’d likely never have a tombstone on my lot without Snaitf’s Disable Autonomous Mourning. My sims would stop 3-4 times during making one meal to go mourn. It was far, far too much. And it wasn’t even always someone they were close with. I literally brought a sim in, thru marriage, and he immediately upon entering the house, went to mourn his wife’s dead grandmother. Having never met her. And proceeded to stop cooking repeatedly to mourn her. Too, too much.

If your sims are mourning “too, too much”, you might want to check out Snaitf’s Disable Autonomous Mourning and get back to your game without all the fuss and bother an urn or grave can bring.

Big Blue DividerAs always, I must post a little disclaimer. I haven’t used this mod, so I can’t provide a personal recommendation. Jonathan Chronicles will not be responsible for any problems to to your game or system should you use any of the mods listed on this site. Please remember that mods can cause problems and may need to be updated frequently.

I’ll be sharing more “Favorite Mods” in future posts. If you have a mod you consider essential to your game enjoyment, please mention it in a comment so I can add it to my list. If you’re a Forum member, you can also respond to the question there. Here’s the link again: What Are Your Favorite Mods?

Another Favorite Mod
Work/Study Hard

Your Favorite Mods: MC Command Center

A recent post featured a list to the “10 Top Mods for Sims 4” — at least, in the opinion of a writer for Paste Magazine. From hanging around the Sims 4 Forum, I’m familiar with a few mods even though I don’t use them in my game.

How about posting a list of “10 Top Mods for Sims 4” as chosen by my fellow players? I went to the Forum again and posted the question: What Are Your Favorite Mods? A lot of simmers responded with a LOT of mods. In fact, over 30 different mods were mentions.

Before I go on, I feel obliged to once again place a little disclaimer here. I don’t use mods, so I can’t personally recommend any mods, and Jonathan Chronicles will not be responsible for any problems to your game or system should you use any of the mods listed on this site. Please remember that mods can cause problems and may need to be updated frequently.

That said, let’s begin today to take a look at the most popular mods as chosen from the Sims 4 community.

MC Command Center
Deaderpool’s MC Command Center is available at Mod the Sims.

It came as no surprise that Deaderpool’s MC Command Center ranked as the #1 mod available.

This is the mod that does everything. It expands the game’s functionality and provides a bit of story progression for those who are looking for that sort of thing.

The MC Command Center has various components so that the player can choose which options to install and use. These various options cover career functions, club functions — for those who have Get Together — and addresses a number of “clean-up” issues for the game.

Since I don’t use the mod, I can’t explain it. I can only share information about it. Comments about it included:

…all sorts of functions, not to mention being updated frequently…

I have to have the MC Command mod… that’s a must…

MC Command is a necessity for me…

You get the idea, I’m sure. Players love the mod. You can find it at Mod The Sims along with complete information on what the mod will do for your game, as well as instructions for downloading and installing.

I’ll be sharing more “Favorite Mods” in future posts. If you have a mod you consider essential to your game enjoyment, please mention it in a comment so I can add it to my list. If you’re a Forum member, you can also respond to the question there. Here’s the link again: What Are Your Favorite Mods?

Another Favorite Mod
Disable Autonomous Mourning

Top 10 Sims 4 Mods

To mod or not to mod? That is the question for a lot of Sims 4 players. For many, the game requires mods to be fully enjoyable. Others still prefer a “plain vanilla” game, but today’s mods are generally easy to install and safe to use in the game. Patches from EA will automatically disable mods, but a simple tick-mark and quick restart will put them back into play. Modders try to keep up with patches and new content and most update their mods as often as necessary.

While browsing around, I came across this list of ten top mods for Sims 4.

10 Top Mods for Sims 4

The article, written by Janine Hawkins for Paste Magazine first appeared almost a year ago, and her list is, of course, her opinion only. Although I wouldn’t consider these as “top mods”, they may be useful for some players. Please note, I haven’t tried any of these mods, and since the article isn’t recent, I don’t know if these mods have been updated for new content included over the past year. As always, use any mods at your own risk.

Teen careers are available for all sims thanks to a mod by Plastibox.
Teen careers are available for all sims thanks to a mod by Plastibox.

What mods do you consider “essential” for your game?

I’d like to compile my own “Top 10” list, so if you have a favorite mod you’d like to suggest, please leave a comment.

Links You Might Like

One of the great things about playing Sims 4 is how easy it is to customize the game with mods and CC — custom content. For convenience, I’ve gathered together a list of links to some of the best and most popular Sims “modding” sites.  Enjoy!


Accessories: Flamingo earrings from Haut Fashion Sims - Available from Sims4Downloads
Accessories: Flamingo earrings from Haut Fashion Sims – Available from Sims4Downloads

TSR – The Sims Resource

Sims 4 Custom Content

Sims 4 Downloads

Sims Community

Mod the Sims


Please note that I have used many of these sites for previous editions of the game. I have not used them for Sims 4 and can’t speak to the quality of mods or custom content you’ll find. Remember that downloading content from modders may cause problems with your game. Custom content and mods may also need frequent updating as new patches or new expansion packs and game packs are introduced.

Jonathan Chronicles will in no way be responsible for any problems you experience by downloading items from the above links.