Breaking Hearts

All things considered, proposing to Kat was the easy thing. Now comes the hard part. What’s the best way to tell Fiona and all the other young women in his life that he’s getting married?

Fiona is not happy about Jonathan's upcoming marriage to Kat.
Fiona is not happy about Jonathan’s upcoming marriage to Kat.

Might as well just do it and get it over with, right?

That was the best approach, he decided. For the most part, it went well…except for Fiona. In her opinion, he’s making a big mistake, one he’ll soon come to regret.

“You’ll be miserable and unhappy, Jonathan, and you’ll come running right back to me.”

Now, he’s a bit worried. What if Fiona is right?

What if he’s about to make the biggest mistake of his life?

Worse still, what if Fiona decides to cause trouble for Kat? With an anxious heart, Jonathan thinks back to a bit of poetry from English Lit 101, recalling the immortal lines William Congreve wrote:

Heav’n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn’d,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn’d.

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Will her predictions come true?







“Will You Marry Me?”

One thing about Jonathan Evans…it might take him a while to make a decision but once he makes up his mind, he takes action right away. He’s had his fun and he’s ready now to make that lifelong commitment.

It’s Kat, of course. Was there ever any doubt? She captivated him from the moment they first met. It just took a little while for him to come to his senses. He knows she’s the one for him.

Kat ProposalSo, he proposed, she accepted, and the happy couple are looking forward to their wedding day. Had it been up to Jonathan, a quick trip to a justice of the peace would have been just fine. But Kat wants a big wedding.

Heavens, they’re not even married yet and already he’s having to adjust to doing things her way. Well, whatever makes her happy, right?

Of course, having a big wedding will make his mother and father very happy, too. They’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Now, the chapel is reserved, invitations have been sent, and the future is about to begin.

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Time to Settle Down

Jonathan Evans has been doing a lot of thinking lately. Of course he’s having fun playing around, flirting with all the girls…and woo-hooing them, too. But the truth is, he needs to start thinking about the future.

At least, that’s what his father tells him.

Just Like Old Times
Jonathan fondly remembers family meals…and the family values on which he was raised.

He and his brother, Michael, got together with their mom and dad last week for dinner, and it was almost like old times. Of course, Michael is married now — and quite happily so — and before long Jonathan will be having nieces and nephews, and…isn’t it about time for him to settle down?

Those old times were good ones, and Jonathan was raised on old-fashioned family values. Really, what in life matters more than having a strong, supportive, loving family? He wouldn’t be where he is today without his mother, his father, and his brother. Throughout his life, they’ve encouraged him, given him opportunities to learn and grow and be himself.

Isn’t it time now for him to become a real man? Isn’t it time for him to make a few decisions, and get started on the real business of living? Simply put, it’s time to choose a wife, get married, and start raising a family of his own, carrying on the proud Evans family traditions.

Who will it be? Kat Phillips? Fiona Patterson? Hattie Mae Richards? In his heart, he already knows the answer.

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