Could It Be His Fault?

Depressed KatJonathan Evans is getting concerned. He and Kat have been married for a while, and although she’s trying to get pregnant, it’s not happening.

She’s moping around, feeling awful, and spending a lot of time in bed. Jonathan hates seeing his wife so depressed. Could it be his fault? It might serve him right, you know, for cheating on Kat.

But he’s not doing that anymore. He’s ready to have a family, or at least, he thinks he is. They’ll keep trying. What else can they do?

thNL9PCMR6He did give Kat a beautiful gift for their anniversary. He bought her a baby grand piano. It took all they had in savings, but it was worth it. He’s been writing music — a few modern jazz pieces for violin — so he’s making a few simoleons. He’ll have their savings built up again soon.

Kat’s been doing well with her music, too, so she’s got that to cheer her up. She’s one of the most requested performers for weddings and funerals, and while that might not seem like much to brag about, it brings in money. They’re doing all right.

But why can’t they have babies? Is something really wrong with one of them? Which one?





A Husband of Her Own

ProposalFiona Patterson was about to give up on Benjamin Brooks. He’s always late! They were supposed to meet for a romantic night in the park, and he didn’t show up. She got tired of waiting and went home, and then he showed up at the park.

He finally came on home, and before she had a chance to yell at him, she found out why he was late. He’d stopped at the jewelers to pick up the engagement ring he’d ordered.

An engagement ring!

Yes, he proposed, and Fiona didn’t want to wait. They hurried off to find a judge and got married right away. After all, they’ve been living together so it wasn’t anything to make a big deal over. Fiona was tired of listening to her mother go on and on about how sinful it was.

Is Fiona happy now? No, not really. Well, yes, she loves Benjamin, but he’s still always late. He’s late to work. He’s late getting home. He’s late getting up. He’s not making much money either, but neither is she. They’re broke. Bills are coming due again soon, and Fiona’s a bit concerned. Things will get better, of course.

And what of Jonathan? She hasn’t seen him since he broke off their relationship. He told her then that he really loved his wife and wanted to make her happy. Well, Fiona told him a thing or two! And now, Jonathan, guess what! She doesn’t need you anymore. She’s got a husband, and by the way, he’s much better at keeping her satisfied that you ever were.

So there, Jonathan!



A New Leaf

Angry FionaJonathan Evans is turning over a new leaf. He’s decided he’s not going to put his marriage at risk for a meaningless little fling with Fiona Patterson. That’s all it ever was, really.

Jonathan cares about Fiona, but he’s vowed to love Kat forever, and he’s going to do the right thing and honor that commitment. He’s going to be the kind of husband Kat deserves.

Fiona wasn’t happy when he told her, but she’ll get over it.

For heaven’s sake, she’s living with Benjamin Brooks, so she’s been cheating, too. Maybe she should stay home and spend a little time with Benjamin.

The way Jonathan sees it now, he’s been asking for trouble. So has Fiona. It’s not worth it. He wants a happy marriage, not one riddled with suspicions and doubt.

Now, his only concern is what Fiona might do. Jonathan hopes he won’t be seeing Fiona around town too often. It could get awkward. It could get nasty.

Looking at Lothario

One of the reasons I don’t usually play pre-made sims is because of their too obvious names. The Caliente sisters — caliente meaning “hot” in Spanish — are intended to be, well, yeah, two hot single girls, and Michael Bachelor is — surprise, surprise — a bachelor. And then, there’s Don Lothario, seducer of women.

A quick bit of history here. Lothario was the main character in The Fair Penitent, a tragedy written by Nicholas Rowe in 1703 — which was in itself an adaptation of an earlier work, The Fatal Dowry, first published in 1632. When writing his stage play, Rowe simplified the plot line somewhat and also changed the names of the characters, thus Novall Junior became Lothario.

His role in the play was that of a notorious seducer. He is charming and handsome, but also haughty and unfeeling. In The Fair Penitent, he seduces Calista, an unfaithful wife.  Following the publication of the play, the character of Lothario became a standard figure in works for the English theatre and literature. The character of Lovelace in Samuel Richardson’s novel Clarissa (1848) was modeled on him, and as the stereotypical “Lothario” appeared more and more often, his name became synonymous with seduction and with unscrupulous rakes who prey upon innocent young women.

Dirty DonIn Sims 2, we find Don Lothario living in Pleasantview. He is, indeed, a womanizer.  Don is involved with both Nina and Dina Caliente, despite the fact that he’s engaged to Cassandra Goth. He’s also having a bit of fun with pretty maid, Kaylynn Langerak.

I never followed the story of Bella Goth and her disappearance, but rumor has it that she went to Don Lothario’s house to welcome him to Pleasantview and was never seen again.

Despite my dislike of pre-mades, this lothario made his way into my Sims 2 game. For a time, having a “love ’em and leave ’em” character chasing after every woman he met was amusing, but I stopped laughing when he went after innocent young Kristin Allbright.

Don brought Kristin home from work with him that day — no doubt on the pretext of helping her with her job skills — and I was aghast. I’d created Kristin only a few days before, and she was undoubtedly the most naïve young girl in my game. So sweet. So caring. So trusting.

I knew Kristin would be an easy target for a man like Don Lothario, and I sat in front of computer crying out to the poor girl, desperately wanting to warn her about the sort of man Don really was.

“No, go home! Don’t fall for his tricks!”

To my amazement, Kirstin was smarter than I’d ever guessed. Too smart even for the unscrupulous Don Lothario. Although she chatted with him quite pleasantly for a time, as soon as he tried “putting on the moves”, she got up and announced it was time for her to go.

For weeks, Don chased after Kristin, but she wasn’t buying it. He courted her with flowers and other gifts, and while she would go out with him on dates, she’d never go home with him afterward. Maybe a quick kiss now and then, but definitely no woo-hoo!

Kirstin became an obsession for him. He broke off his engagement with Cassandra and gave up his relationships with all other women. He wanted Kirstin, and he was determined to get her no matter what the cost.

In the end, Don Lothario’s story had quite a happy ending in my game. He truly feel “head over heels” in love with sweet young Kirstin, and once they married, he changed his ways completely — thanks to the game reward that allowed aspiration changes. No longer a womanizer, he became a faithful husband and, in time, a devoted father to their children. His story has become one of my favorites, proving that people can change and serving as a reminder, too, that high moral standards do have a place in our world today.

Don has also appeared in Sims 3, and is included with Sims 4, but I quickly deleted him from the current game. I wouldn’t enjoy playing his character now. In my mind, he’s always going to remain the happy husband and father from Pleasantview who met his match in a sweet, innocent young girl.


Maybe…or Maybe Not

Kat is so depressed she just wants to stay in bed all day.
Kat is so depressed she just wants to stay in bed all day.

Kat Phillips is devastated. She’s wanting to have a baby, and it’s just not happening. She thought she might be pregnant, and then she found out she wasn’t. She feels like a complete failure as a wife.

Jonathan didn’t think he wanted a family yet, but now he’s giving it more thought. What if he and Kat can’t ever have children? That would be awful. He’s still not sure he wants to be a father right now, but if Kat really wants a baby, maybe they should try again.

Or, maybe not.

Jonathan is confused. He’s been seeing Fiona Patterson, now he’s feeling guilty, and maybe he needs to re-dedicate himself to his beautiful wife.

Or, maybe not.

He enjoys the time he spends with Fiona. Sometimes he wishes he hadn’t gotten married. Maybe he really loves Fiona. Maybe more than he loves Kat.

Or, maybe not.

No, he does love his wife. That’s why he married her. He’s confused, Kat’s depressed, and at least they have their music to share.


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Graduation Day

Graduation DayIt’s the day that Jonathan and Kat have both been waiting for. They’re donning graduation caps and walking across the stage at the Academy of Performing Arts.

Jonathan is proud to have earned his Bachelor’s degree — with honors — in Violin performance. Fiona has earned her degree in Piano performance.

What’s ahead now for the young couple? Neither is quite sure. Jonathan will start sending out queries to symphony orchestras, but despite his degree, his honors, and his talent, it’s hard to get auditions. And even harder to land a chair in a major orchestra.

Katherine isn’t setting her sights so high. She’s happy being Jonathan’s wife, so she’d prefer spending her time at home, taking care of the house, cooking meals…and maybe setting up a nursery? She and Jonathan had agreed they wouldn’t start a family under after graduation day.

Well, Jonathan? Are you ready now?

Kat would love to have children, but sometimes she’s not sure how her husband really feels about it. He’s been a bit distant at times, but maybe that was just the pressure of final exams, long rehearsals, the stress of the performances he’s given, and all the worries about finding a position.

Kat hopes that there’s nothing seriously wrong in her marriage. She still harbors a few suspicions about Fiona Patterson. Now that they’re all out of school — Fiona graduated, too — there won’t be many opportunities for Jonathan and Fiona to cross paths.

Having a baby would be a great way to get Jonathan’s full attention. Kat’s hoping it will happen soon.


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 What do YOU think? Should Kat and Jonathan start a family now?






How Long Has This Been Going On?

OnoHey, what’s going on between Jonathan Evans and Fiona Patterson?

He’s happily married, and she’s happily in love with Benjamin Brooks, right?

So why were she and Jonathan slipping into the corner for a few quick hugs and kisses during a recent concert?



Maybe Jonathan’s marriage isn’t quite as happy as he’s led folks to believe…and maybe Fiona’s love for Benjamin isn’t all that true.

How long has this been going on?

Kat will be devastated if she finds out. So will Benjamin.

Can Jonathan and Fiona keep their illicit love a secret? Or will the truth come out?



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From the Parents’ Perspective

Edgar and Sara Evans are thrilled that their younger son, Jonathan, has now settled down, tied the knot, and is happily married. They’re thrilled, too, that the older son, Michael, and his wife, Carole, are going to be presenting them with their second grandchild in March.

Sara EvansSara wasn’t so thrilled about the sci-fi Jupiter awards. She didn’t win, but she has finished another sci-fi novel, Electric Earth, which has also been picked up by the book-of-the-month club and hailed in the literary digests. So, she’ll probably get another nomination, but she’ll probably lose again. It’s fine. It’s an honor just to be nominated.

She’s been keeping busy — when she’s not writing — by doing a little art collecting. She loves going to Annie Caldwell’s gallery in Newcrest. That’s close to where both Jonathan and Michael live, so it gives her a good opportunity to drop by and visit with their wives, and with little Theo, their first grandson.

What will the stork bring next? Sara’s excited and can hardly wait for the new baby to arrive.

Edgar is still puttering around, feeling a little lost now that he’s on ground duty. He did hire a maid service so that Sara can have for time for writing and for visiting with the kids. He misses them. Of course, having more grandchildren to spoil will make it easier. Jonathan says he and Kat won’t be having any little ones for a while, though. Not until their education is finished. Smart boy.

Sara and Edgar have been blessed, indeed. They’re pleased with all life has given them.


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To Love, Honor, and Cherish

Kat Where Are YouIt was a lovely wedding…once it got underway. For an anxious moment, Jonathan worried that his bride might not show up.

A quick call to Kat assured him that she was on her way, just running a little late. Huh? Late? For her own wedding? Now Jonathan’s worried that it might be a bad sign. But that’s crazy, right? He and Kat will have a good marriage.

Once Kat arrived, she still had to change into her wedding gown and do all those things women have to do. Hair. Make-up. A touch-up on her manicure. For heaven’s sake, Kat! The guests are waiting. The music is playing. It’s time to take that walk down the aisle. Kat Wedding Gown


Yes, once it got underway, it was a beautiful ceremony, and Kat was certainly a beautiful bride. It was short, sweet, and it made Jonathan reflect a bit on the wonder of it all. Amazing, really, that a few words spoken between a man and a woman could irrevocably change their lives.

Marriage is forever.

A few other thoughts flitted through his mind, too, even as he was vowing to love, honor, and cherish his bride. Thoughts about Fiona mostly.

Hmmm…maybe that’s another bad sign. But don’t all men have a few stray thoughts as they commit themselves to one woman, forsaking all others?

It was over quickly. Katherine Phillips and Jonathan Evans have tied the knot and they’ll be very happy together. Right?

Evans Wedding

Yes, of course. Love is a many-splendored thing, they say. He and Kat will have a good life. They’ll finish classes at the Academy, and then they’ll be ready to start a family. Their future looks bright and beautiful.



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Breaking Hearts

All things considered, proposing to Kat was the easy thing. Now comes the hard part. What’s the best way to tell Fiona and all the other young women in his life that he’s getting married?

Fiona is not happy about Jonathan's upcoming marriage to Kat.
Fiona is not happy about Jonathan’s upcoming marriage to Kat.

Might as well just do it and get it over with, right?

That was the best approach, he decided. For the most part, it went well…except for Fiona. In her opinion, he’s making a big mistake, one he’ll soon come to regret.

“You’ll be miserable and unhappy, Jonathan, and you’ll come running right back to me.”

Now, he’s a bit worried. What if Fiona is right?

What if he’s about to make the biggest mistake of his life?

Worse still, what if Fiona decides to cause trouble for Kat? With an anxious heart, Jonathan thinks back to a bit of poetry from English Lit 101, recalling the immortal lines William Congreve wrote:

Heav’n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn’d,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn’d.

Big Blue DividerWill Fiona try to stop the marriage?

Will her predictions come true?