Prim and Proper

Next up on Jonathan’s list of romantic conquests? Hattie Mae Richards.

Jonathan knew she might be a bit more challenging to get to know than some of the other girls from the music school. Hattie’s on the quiet side, almost shy. She’s very prim and proper, and sure enough, when he invited her over for a rehearsal — they’re performing in a summer orchestra together — she was a bit hesitant about coming over to his place.

First Kiss
Jonathan and Hattie share a first kiss.

After his first flirtatious remark, she decided she should leave. She just wasn’t comfortable, she said. Well, smooth, suave Jonathan suggested he walk her home, and their walk took them through the park on a lovely day. Soon they were getting a little closer, he was holding her hand, and all her inhibitions floated away.

Instead of going home, she came back to Jonathan’s house, and surprise, surprise! With a little persuasion and sweet talk, Jonathan soon had her slipping under the covers with him for a bit of woo-hoo.

They do have a lot in common, so she could be called a contender, too. He’s adding her to his list.


Now comes the big decision. Which of these lovely ladies will become his “Official Girlfriend”?

Or maybe he’s not yet ready to settle down and make that choice. What about Nadia Billings? Should he call her again? What about Lucille McIntyre?

There are so many young ladies who love music. How can he decide which one he wants? Why can’t he have them all?




Woo-Hoo! More Fun for Jonathan

Jonathan's having a great time with the girls.
     First Kat, now Fiona. Jonathan’s having fun.

Oh, what fun it is! Jonathan’s summer is hotter than he ever imagined it would be. He’s got Kat Phillips dangling on one string, and now Fiona Patterson is hot for him, too.

What about Benjamin Brooks and Fiona’s little fling with him? Apparently, like Jonathan, she doesn’t want to commit herself to anyone too soon. She wants to live a little, as she puts it.

Jonathan invited her over, they chatted a bit, and she turned on the flirtatious charm almost at once. It wasn’t long before she was dragging him off to the bedroom for an evening of woo-hoo.

Afterward, they talked about music! About string instruments and theory! What a gal. She even asked for his advice on her performance techniques. He truly enjoyed the time he spent with Fiona, and that makes her another good contender for the “official girlfriend” title.

Now, what’s a man to do? Well, how about spend a little time with yet another young lady? He’d still like to get better acquainted with Hattie Mae Richards. Sounds like a good plan to Jonathan.




Characters: Hattie Mae Richards

01-30-16_5-16-46 AMHattie Mae Richards is another student — and another violin major — at the Academy of the Performing Arts. She is also another lady on Jonathan’s ever-growing list of possible romantic prospects.

Despite their shared love for the violin, Jonathan and Hattie don’t know one another too well. She’s on the quiet side and tends to remain in the background during rehearsals or concerts.

Like Jonathan, Hattie Mae hopes to someday have a place in the National Simerian Orchestra, although she doubts she would ever be given the coveted “first violin” role. It would be far too much responsibility for her to handle. She’d be content to simply be part of the orchestra.

Hattie Mae has no family living in the area. Her parents are both deceased, and she was raised in a foster home. She looks forward to eventually finding a good man, getting married, and having a true family.


Hattie Mae is available for download at the Gallery.

She is included in the MUSIC STUDENTS household.

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Traits: Creative, Music Lover, Neat



Hot Summer Nights


Another year of school is over, Jonathan Evans is excelling in all his classes, and now it’s time to turn his thoughts to love. Or lust. Either one works for him. He just wants to find the right girl.

Kat Phillips with her sister, Emily Sue.
 Kat Phillips with her sister, Emily Sue

There’s Kat Phillips, of course, although she’s been a little cool toward him since she accused him of flirting with Fiona Patterson. Hey, he’s a guy, and guys tend to flirt back when girls start flirting with them, and yes, she flirted first.


Fiona Patterson
Fiona Patterson

But, if Kat wants to play hard-to-get, maybe Fiona would be a little more, uh, accommodating. She’s been seeing Benjamin Brooks, but it’s not like they’re really committed to each other.

Hattie Mae Richards
Hattie Mae Richards

There’s also Hattie Mae Richards. That gal has got the curves! She’s a bit on the shy side, it seems. Rather a prim and proper sort.

What’s Jonathan Going to Do?

He’s going to play the field, that’s what. He’ll spend a little time with each of his prospects over the next few weeks, and it’s going to be a hot summer. He’s even started composing a song called Hot Summer Nights. He’s ready for a little excitement in his love life.

Have fun!