Hot Summer Nights


Another year of school is over, Jonathan Evans is excelling in all his classes, and now it’s time to turn his thoughts to love. Or lust. Either one works for him. He just wants to find the right girl.

Kat Phillips with her sister, Emily Sue.
 Kat Phillips with her sister, Emily Sue

There’s Kat Phillips, of course, although she’s been a little cool toward him since she accused him of flirting with Fiona Patterson. Hey, he’s a guy, and guys tend to flirt back when girls start flirting with them, and yes, she flirted first.


Fiona Patterson
Fiona Patterson

But, if Kat wants to play hard-to-get, maybe Fiona would be a little more, uh, accommodating. She’s been seeing Benjamin Brooks, but it’s not like they’re really committed to each other.

Hattie Mae Richards
Hattie Mae Richards

There’s also Hattie Mae Richards. That gal has got the curves! She’s a bit on the shy side, it seems. Rather a prim and proper sort.

What’s Jonathan Going to Do?

He’s going to play the field, that’s what. He’ll spend a little time with each of his prospects over the next few weeks, and it’s going to be a hot summer. He’s even started composing a song called Hot Summer Nights. He’s ready for a little excitement in his love life.

Have fun!