A Husband of Her Own

ProposalFiona Patterson was about to give up on Benjamin Brooks. He’s always late! They were supposed to meet for a romantic night in the park, and he didn’t show up. She got tired of waiting and went home, and then he showed up at the park.

He finally came on home, and before she had a chance to yell at him, she found out why he was late. He’d stopped at the jewelers to pick up the engagement ring he’d ordered.

An engagement ring!

Yes, he proposed, and Fiona didn’t want to wait. They hurried off to find a judge and got married right away. After all, they’ve been living together so it wasn’t anything to make a big deal over. Fiona was tired of listening to her mother go on and on about how sinful it was.

Is Fiona happy now? No, not really. Well, yes, she loves Benjamin, but he’s still always late. He’s late to work. He’s late getting home. He’s late getting up. He’s not making much money either, but neither is she. They’re broke. Bills are coming due again soon, and Fiona’s a bit concerned. Things will get better, of course.

And what of Jonathan? She hasn’t seen him since he broke off their relationship. He told her then that he really loved his wife and wanted to make her happy. Well, Fiona told him a thing or two! And now, Jonathan, guess what! She doesn’t need you anymore. She’s got a husband, and by the way, he’s much better at keeping her satisfied that you ever were.

So there, Jonathan!




How Long Has This Been Going On?

OnoHey, what’s going on between Jonathan Evans and Fiona Patterson?

He’s happily married, and she’s happily in love with Benjamin Brooks, right?

So why were she and Jonathan slipping into the corner for a few quick hugs and kisses during a recent concert?



Maybe Jonathan’s marriage isn’t quite as happy as he’s led folks to believe…and maybe Fiona’s love for Benjamin isn’t all that true.

How long has this been going on?

Kat will be devastated if she finds out. So will Benjamin.

Can Jonathan and Fiona keep their illicit love a secret? Or will the truth come out?



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What’s a Girl to Do?

Fiona's got a little strategy in mind for getting Jonathan back.
Fiona’s got a little strategy in mind to make Jonathan jealous.

Things might be getting a little awkward with the music group from the Academy of the Performing Arts. Fiona Patterson hosted the group and performed a few cello pieces for them, and she had a hard time deciding whether she liked Jonathan Evans or Benjamin Brooks the most.

She flirted with them both, and she’d almost convinced herself that Benjamin might be the one for her. 

At first, she was even worried that Jonathan might get a bit ticked off at her for breaking things off with him.

But then she heard from friends that Jonathan Evans is a real player — and not just where music is concerned.

Apparently he’s chasing after — and sleeping with — any girl he meets. “He was only using you,” is what her friends are saying. That explains why he hasn’t called recently.

Trumpet player Benjamin Brooks is stealing Fiona's heart.
Is Trumpet player Benjamin Brooks really stealing Fiona’s heart? Or is it all part of her game?

How dare he treat her that way.  How dare he toy with her emotions. Fiona doesn’t like the idea of being used, and she’s going to get back at Jonathan. But how?

Call in the cavalry. In other words, Benjamin Brooks.

Reverse psychology. That’s what it’s called. She learned about it in one of her classes. She’s going to use that old trick and play hard-to-get.

Fiona’s going to cool it with Jonathan for now and pretend she now longer cares. She’ll flirt with Benjamin and spend more time with him. She’ll even parade him around on her arm a bit so that Jonathan will take note.

Yes, jealousy can be a girl’s best friend when she wants to win back a man’s attention. It wont’ be long until Jonathan calls and things between them really heat up again.


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Characters: Benjamin Brooks

Today, I’d like for you to meet Benjamin Brooks, another of the students from the Academy of the Performing Arts.

Benjamin Brooks plays a hot trumpet ...along with a bit of country guitar.
Benjamin Brooks plays a hot trumpet …along with a bit of country guitar.

He’s quite a talented fellow. Although his major is trumpet, he also plays country music on his guitar. He sings, too.

Benjamin has been seeing Fiona Patterson, and he’s hoping maybe once they’ve graduated, their relationship will become a bit more serious.

He spends so much time at Fiona’s place, he might as well move in with her.

They’ve discussed it, but she’s not sure yet it would be the right thing to do.

Of course, she’s busy flirting with Jonathan Evans so maybe she’s just not ready to settle down yet. But one thing Ben’s got in his favor is his penchant for neatness.

Yes, ladies, he’s a man who picks up after himself!

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Traits: Neat, Creative, Music Lover

Benjamin Brooks and his roommates at the Academy are available for download at the Gallery. You can find them under the household name MUSIC STUDENTS. Enjoy!

Big Blue DividerDo you think Benjamin would be a good match for Fiona?

Should he give up on her and move on to a woman who might appreciate him more?

Big Blue DividerBe sure to check out the music of Wynton Marsalis, one of Ben’s favorite performers.
Be sure to check out his blog, too.

I’m just lucky to have the type of friends and musicians and people dedicated to my music that I do. – Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis
Wynton Marsalis


Woo-Hoo! More Fun for Jonathan

Jonathan's having a great time with the girls.
     First Kat, now Fiona. Jonathan’s having fun.

Oh, what fun it is! Jonathan’s summer is hotter than he ever imagined it would be. He’s got Kat Phillips dangling on one string, and now Fiona Patterson is hot for him, too.

What about Benjamin Brooks and Fiona’s little fling with him? Apparently, like Jonathan, she doesn’t want to commit herself to anyone too soon. She wants to live a little, as she puts it.

Jonathan invited her over, they chatted a bit, and she turned on the flirtatious charm almost at once. It wasn’t long before she was dragging him off to the bedroom for an evening of woo-hoo.

Afterward, they talked about music! About string instruments and theory! What a gal. She even asked for his advice on her performance techniques. He truly enjoyed the time he spent with Fiona, and that makes her another good contender for the “official girlfriend” title.

Now, what’s a man to do? Well, how about spend a little time with yet another young lady? He’d still like to get better acquainted with Hattie Mae Richards. Sounds like a good plan to Jonathan.




Hot Summer Nights


Another year of school is over, Jonathan Evans is excelling in all his classes, and now it’s time to turn his thoughts to love. Or lust. Either one works for him. He just wants to find the right girl.

Kat Phillips with her sister, Emily Sue.
 Kat Phillips with her sister, Emily Sue

There’s Kat Phillips, of course, although she’s been a little cool toward him since she accused him of flirting with Fiona Patterson. Hey, he’s a guy, and guys tend to flirt back when girls start flirting with them, and yes, she flirted first.


Fiona Patterson
Fiona Patterson

But, if Kat wants to play hard-to-get, maybe Fiona would be a little more, uh, accommodating. She’s been seeing Benjamin Brooks, but it’s not like they’re really committed to each other.

Hattie Mae Richards
Hattie Mae Richards

There’s also Hattie Mae Richards. That gal has got the curves! She’s a bit on the shy side, it seems. Rather a prim and proper sort.

What’s Jonathan Going to Do?

He’s going to play the field, that’s what. He’ll spend a little time with each of his prospects over the next few weeks, and it’s going to be a hot summer. He’s even started composing a song called Hot Summer Nights. He’s ready for a little excitement in his love life.

Have fun!



An Innocent Flirtation

August 1030

Jonathan’s not the only one who’s having fun this summer. Fiona Patterson is living on Cloud Nine.

Does anyone use that expression any more?

She decided it was time for a little romance in her life, so at the last music recital she started flirting — with every young man she saw.

Music students from the Academy for the Performing Arts. Kat Phillips, violin, Lucille McIntyre, piano, Fiona Patterson and Benjamin Brooks, seated, and Jonathan Evans, center.
Music students from the Academy for the Performing Arts. Kat Phillips, violin, Lucille McIntyre, piano, Fiona Patterson and Benjamin Brooks, seated, and Jonathan Evans, center.

She flirted with Tom Henderson. She flirted with Jonathan Evans, although Kat Phillips gave her a lot of dirty looks. Well, Jonathan flirted right back! She flirted, too, with Benjamin Brooks, and that little flirtation turned into a more suggestive conversation which turned into a date at The Bluffs, which turned into a wild time doing the woo-hoo in the bushes! It was wild, it was crazy, it was wonderful!

Fiona’s still got her eye on Jonathan Evans, too. After all, a girl shouldn’t give her heart to the first fellow who comes along. If she can get Jonathan alone without Kat Phillips around…well, that could lead to more fun times.

Why not? She’s young, it’s summertime, and life is meant to be enjoyed. She intends to do just that!

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Is Fiona going to stir up problems?

Or could she be the one Jonathan is really looking for?

Will Jonathan and Fiona get together?

What’s going to happen with Kat?

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