Dinner Music

Have you ever been to an elegant restaurant and been serenaded by a musician? Well, in my game, I definitely want to treat my diners to the full dining experience, complete with violin. In fact, I think I know a violinst who might be interested in performing. This sounds like a perfect job for Jonathan Evans, don’t you think?

In honor of today’s forthcoming release of Dine Out, I’m sharing a little dinner music. Enjoy!


Zen Garden Music

My sims are all quite happy with the things that have been added to the game in recent months. They love visiting the spa, or going off to the woods for an “outdoor retreat” where they can gather wild plants and berries, paint landscapes en plein air, capture the beauty through photographs, and commune with nature.

01-10-16_3-15-52 PM

It’s wonderful to be able to re-create so many things I enjoy in my own life and make them part of my Sims 4 game.

Although we don’t yet have toddlers, we have many things that have made my game very enjoyable.

Herbalism and wellness skills, spa visits, massages, yoga, gardening, painting, photography, bath salts, herbal recipes, and music are all aspects of the game that mirror my personal interests and experiences.

While browsing around this morning, I came across this delightfully soothing “Zen Garden” music. I think today might be a perfect day for a little “communing”, a good time for me to stroll through my garden, talk to my plants a bit, and enjoy this first day of June.

I hope you’ll enjoy this relaxing music and perhaps experience a bit of “Zen” today.

Stepping Back in Time

I do enjoy medieval music, so I love sharing it with others. Since I’ve been finding Esmeralda’s mods for medieval-themed instruments, I couldn’t resist stepping back in time today with a few more tunes to enjoy.

Here, for your listening pleasure is one full hour of medieval instrumental music and a look at medieval life.

More Medieval Music

MTS_Esmeralda-1621346-Miserableoutdoorconcert2I recently shared Esmeralda’s “medieval lutes” for Sims 4, and she’s continuing her creations of more instruments for our musicians to enjoy. Today I’m happy to share her “Vielle”, a medieval violin. You can bet that Jonathan Evans is eager to get his hands on one of these finely-crafted beauties.

The Vielle can be downloaded from Mod the Sims, and you’ll find complete installation instructions there.

To complete your musical orchestra, you might also want to check out Esmeralda’s Medieval Piano, also available at Mod the Sims.

Enjoy making music with these fun creations.





Enjoy the music of John Dowland today along with art by English painter Robert Peake the Elder.

I love listening to lute music. It always puts me in a quiet, but thoughtful mood. It’s perfect for background music while I’m writing, painting, or reading. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Who Likes the Lute?

1619904.largethumbI love medieval music. I have the entire collection of John Dowland’s lute works on CD, and I enjoy playing it in the background as I’m writing, painting, or reading.

Now, my musician sim Jonathan is about to get a lute of his own.

No, I don’t play a medieval-themed game, although I know there are a lot of simmers who do. We seem to have a fascination with that time in history, a time of wandering minstrels, dancing bears, and elaborate dresses.

This Sims 4 creation by Esmeralda won’t actually put lute music into your game, but it will give your sims a new instrument to play, and if you are a medieval player, you’ll love the look of it. You’ll find it here for download. Once added to the game, it will be the “hobby section” of buy mode. It’s priced at 600 simoleons.

Whether or not you play a medieval, renaissance, or fantasy game with your sims, this attractive lute can definitely add a little musical variety. With three recolors of the mesh, you’re sure to find exactly the right “Lute Guitar” for your musical sims.





Sara Evans isn’t really an interfering mother-in-law…she only wants the best for her son, Jonathan, and his lovely wife, Kat. Writing about her yesterday made me think of an old, old song — from way back in 1961.


Have a happy Saturday!

I’ll be spending my day — coincidentally — with my mother-in-law. We’re having a family get-together with lots of good food. I hope your day is as much fun as mine will be.

Peaceful Music for a Springtime Day

I have quite a busy day planned today, so while I’m working on art projects and tending to other tasks around the house, I’m going to enjoy a bit of beautiful music. Instead of posting today about sims, I’m just going to sit back and share this music. I think Jonathan and his musician friends would approve, don’t you?

Sharing an Old Favorite

Jonathan’s little antics behind his wife’s back have given me a perfect opportunity to share one of my favorite “oldies but goodies”. It’s How Long Has This Been Going On” by the British band, Ace.

The song came out in 1974 and reached the #3 spot on the US and Canadian charts. Lead singer Paul Carrack composed the song when he learned that the group’s bass player, Terry “Tex” Comer, had been secretly working with several other bands. Comer did play bass on the recording.