Who Likes the Lute?

1619904.largethumbI love medieval music. I have the entire collection of John Dowland’s lute works on CD, and I enjoy playing it in the background as I’m writing, painting, or reading.

Now, my musician sim Jonathan is about to get a lute of his own.

No, I don’t play a medieval-themed game, although I know there are a lot of simmers who do. We seem to have a fascination with that time in history, a time of wandering minstrels, dancing bears, and elaborate dresses.

This Sims 4 creation by Esmeralda won’t actually put lute music into your game, but it will give your sims a new instrument to play, and if you are a medieval player, you’ll love the look of it. You’ll find it here for download. Once added to the game, it will be the “hobby section” of buy mode. It’s priced at 600 simoleons.

Whether or not you play a medieval, renaissance, or fantasy game with your sims, this attractive lute can definitely add a little musical variety. With three recolors of the mesh, you’re sure to find exactly the right “Lute Guitar” for your musical sims.





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