Parade of Homes

Each spring in May, homebuilders in the area join to put on a “Parade of Homes”. No, the houses don’t actually go marching down the street. It’s the other way around. Prospective buyers and eager lookers following from house to house, oohing and aahing at the latest architectural designs and picking up clever ideas for their own interior décor.

It’s a fun time, and it’s always awe-inspiring to see the homes on display. But, I can find my own awe-inspiring home designs without leaving my house. All I have to do is log in to my sims game and make a visit to the Gallery.

I’ve never been good at building in the game. My earliest houses were little more than big boxes with squared off rooms. In the original game, our sims’ happiness was affected to a degree by the efficiency of their homes. Mine always had low ratings. Too much wasted space. Too few convenient routing paths. The houses I built for the game were functional, at best.

I fared no better with Sims 2. Getting a roof right has always been a problem for me, so when “Weather” came along in an expansion pack, I had a lot of freezing sims in the winter. That was one of the reasons why I began downloading more homes from other players.

Downloading homes is not without its problems, of course. Some builders don’t test their houses as thoroughly as they might — I’ve actually lost sims due to faulty construction issues — and a lot of builders fill their homes with custom content that not everyone has — or wants.

Of course, there are many incredible builders who share their beautiful homes with the rest of us. Even with the simple “add a room” tools and the quick way we now have of pushing and pulling to change room sizes, I still can’t build good houses. And why should I? When so many excellent homes are just a click a way, it doesn’t make sense for me to even try creating my own.

So, today, I’m putting together my own little Spring Parade of Homes, to showcase a few of the best homes from the best builders in the game.

Let’s start with one of my favorites. Ruthless_kk has been building fine homes for sims for as long as I can remember. Most of my “starter homes” have been designed and built by this simming mom. She’s one of the most popular builders in the game, and you can follow her at her own blog: Get Simply Ruthless. She does much more than starters, though. Here’s her “Modernity” house, which happens to be the most downloaded lot in Sims 4:

Modernity2016-05-16 (4)

Another builder I’ve admired since the days of Sims 2 is Ehaught58. This retired teacher builds everything from inexpensive starters to costly mansions. He also creates a lot of public lots — theaters, ball parks, coffee shops. You name it, and ehaught58 will make it.

Here’s one of his most magnificent creations:

Kenwick Castle

2016-05-16 (13)Yet another fabulous builder whose homes I’ve happily downloaded is MDianaSanders. She responded to my plea for more homes in the 40-50 thousand simoleon range. In addition to providing affordable housing for sims who are moving up from their starters, she’s shared some incredible mansions, including this one — available in both an “authentic” and “haunted” version:

Authentic Victorian Manor

2016-05-16 (17)

For now, I’ll have to end my Parade of Homes here, although there are many more talented builders I’d like to showcase. Right now, the Gallery is acting up — imagine that! — and with the rain we’re having here, my internet connection is a bit flaky, too. I’ve tried to link to the homes on display here, but I’m not sure the links will work as they should.

In the future, I’ll be highlighting more of my favorite builders. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the fantastic lots available from these three very, very creative simmers.



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