Sara Evans isn’t really an interfering mother-in-law…she only wants the best for her son, Jonathan, and his lovely wife, Kat. Writing about her yesterday made me think of an old, old song — from way back in 1961.


Have a happy Saturday!

I’ll be spending my day — coincidentally — with my mother-in-law. We’re having a family get-together with lots of good food. I hope your day is as much fun as mine will be.


2 thoughts on “Mother-In-Law

    1. We actually cancelled our visit. We’d been down to the farm on Mother’s Day, and my husband just had too many other things he wanted to finish over the weekend, so we opted out of this get-together. I missed out on my brother-in-law’s incredibly delicious home-made seafood chowder, but I got a happier, more well-rested husband in the deal, so I think I came out a winner. Plus I got more time to play with my new watercolors. 🙂

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