Don’t Wake the Llama

It’s the end of the year in New Simeria, the perfect time for taking stock of one’s life. Holidays are usually happy occasions for Edgar and Sara Evans, but this one has been a little less happy than usual.

Sara was disappointed that her latest sci-fi novel, Electric Earth, wasn’t even nominated for a Jupiter Award, and Edgar has been a little pre-occupied lately. What she doesn’t know is why her husband has been a bit worried lately.

He’s heard rumors about their son, Jonathan. Apparently the boy is cheating on his lovely wife, Kat. Edgar finally invited him over for an afternoon, and he expressed a few thoughts about fidelity. Quite discreetly, of course. He hopes Jonathan will take it to heart.

Kat’s been a bit depressed, Jonathan said. She was hoping to have a baby, but it hasn’t happened yet. They’ll keep trying, of course.

Sara was also talking about moving to a new place in Newcrest, conveniently close to Jonathan and Kat. Edgar nixed that idea. There’s nothing wrong with their house, and the last thing their son needs is an interfering mother close by.

Wake the LlamaEdgar did remodel Jonathan’s old bedroom and turned it into a game room. Sara likes playing games like that silly Don’t Wake the Llama game. It’s fun, at times. She’s worried though. She knows something is wrong in Jonathan’s marriage, and what about her own marriage? Why is Edgar suddenly being so distant? Whenever she brings it up, he tells her to stop worrying, nothing is wrong.

And if she tries to talk about Jonathan, Edgar says she should mind her own business. “Don’t wake the llama,” he says. In other words, some things are better left alone.

She’s trying, and maybe Edgar is right. Maybe Kat and Jonathan need to work things out on their own.

Meanwhile, Sara has been keeping busy with a new book. A cookbook. She’s calling it “Out of the World Food”, and including lots of her astronaut husband’s favorites, like the Pineapple Rocket Salad she makes. She’s doing a lot of cooking, and fixing a lot of Edgar’s favorites lately. Despite his reassurances, she can’t help but worry.




5 thoughts on “Don’t Wake the Llama

  1. Poor Sara. As a parent, you want to step in and help, but it’s not always appropriate. And then feeling as if Edgar is being distant. Communication is key. Speaking of, I’m really glad Edgar spoke with Jonathan. I hope Jonathan listened because I really like Kat a lot and am hoping they will work things out.

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