Looking at Lothario

One of the reasons I don’t usually play pre-made sims is because of their too obvious names. The Caliente sisters — caliente meaning “hot” in Spanish — are intended to be, well, yeah, two hot single girls, and Michael Bachelor is — surprise, surprise — a bachelor. And then, there’s Don Lothario, seducer of women.

A quick bit of history here. Lothario was the main character in The Fair Penitent, a tragedy written by Nicholas Rowe in 1703 — which was in itself an adaptation of an earlier work, The Fatal Dowry, first published in 1632. When writing his stage play, Rowe simplified the plot line somewhat and also changed the names of the characters, thus Novall Junior became Lothario.

His role in the play was that of a notorious seducer. He is charming and handsome, but also haughty and unfeeling. In The Fair Penitent, he seduces Calista, an unfaithful wife.  Following the publication of the play, the character of Lothario became a standard figure in works for the English theatre and literature. The character of Lovelace in Samuel Richardson’s novel Clarissa (1848) was modeled on him, and as the stereotypical “Lothario” appeared more and more often, his name became synonymous with seduction and with unscrupulous rakes who prey upon innocent young women.

Dirty DonIn Sims 2, we find Don Lothario living in Pleasantview. He is, indeed, a womanizer.  Don is involved with both Nina and Dina Caliente, despite the fact that he’s engaged to Cassandra Goth. He’s also having a bit of fun with pretty maid, Kaylynn Langerak.

I never followed the story of Bella Goth and her disappearance, but rumor has it that she went to Don Lothario’s house to welcome him to Pleasantview and was never seen again.

Despite my dislike of pre-mades, this lothario made his way into my Sims 2 game. For a time, having a “love ’em and leave ’em” character chasing after every woman he met was amusing, but I stopped laughing when he went after innocent young Kristin Allbright.

Don brought Kristin home from work with him that day — no doubt on the pretext of helping her with her job skills — and I was aghast. I’d created Kristin only a few days before, and she was undoubtedly the most naïve young girl in my game. So sweet. So caring. So trusting.

I knew Kristin would be an easy target for a man like Don Lothario, and I sat in front of computer crying out to the poor girl, desperately wanting to warn her about the sort of man Don really was.

“No, go home! Don’t fall for his tricks!”

To my amazement, Kirstin was smarter than I’d ever guessed. Too smart even for the unscrupulous Don Lothario. Although she chatted with him quite pleasantly for a time, as soon as he tried “putting on the moves”, she got up and announced it was time for her to go.

For weeks, Don chased after Kristin, but she wasn’t buying it. He courted her with flowers and other gifts, and while she would go out with him on dates, she’d never go home with him afterward. Maybe a quick kiss now and then, but definitely no woo-hoo!

Kirstin became an obsession for him. He broke off his engagement with Cassandra and gave up his relationships with all other women. He wanted Kirstin, and he was determined to get her no matter what the cost.

In the end, Don Lothario’s story had quite a happy ending in my game. He truly feel “head over heels” in love with sweet young Kirstin, and once they married, he changed his ways completely — thanks to the game reward that allowed aspiration changes. No longer a womanizer, he became a faithful husband and, in time, a devoted father to their children. His story has become one of my favorites, proving that people can change and serving as a reminder, too, that high moral standards do have a place in our world today.

Don has also appeared in Sims 3, and is included with Sims 4, but I quickly deleted him from the current game. I wouldn’t enjoy playing his character now. In my mind, he’s always going to remain the happy husband and father from Pleasantview who met his match in a sweet, innocent young girl.



7 thoughts on “Looking at Lothario

  1. Lovely story about Don. ❤

    I've never played pre-made sims in the Sims2 or 3. Not because of "speaking" names – I myself give such names to my "puppets". I just prefer my OWN characters, homes etc. (I'm selfish. LOL)

    But in the Sims 4, Mortimer Goth came to my Bears family. And I fell in love with him. Then Alexander Goth made friends with Junior and Goldilocks, fell in love with Baby… I met Cassandra, Bella… More and more pre-made came to my game.

    One of my sims – Dasha Ivanova – married Don. When she came to Lothario's home, there was only one Caliente sister, who was old then. I don't know what happened to her later. As for Don – I really loved him in my game. He was always cheerful and funny. He loved his wife and their 5 (five!) children. And never disappointed me.
    He died of old age and is a ghost in my game now.
    Don, Mortimer and others changed my attitude to pre-made sims. 🙂

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    1. I actually played quite a few of the pre-mades in Sims 2, although I gave them their own backstories. Mortimer Goth was a mad scientist, and Malcolm Landgraab was real loser. After getting so involved with them as characters in that game, I just couldn’t have them starting all over again in my current game. I’d rather remember them as they were. I’m glad Don turned out so well for you. Amazing how finding the right woman can change a man. 🙂

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  2. I don’t like how stereotyped the premades are, either–they become cartoonish to me. That said, I’ve seen TS4 Don become an amazing husband in a few legacies–her really seems to fall hard/fall fast when he meets the right woman, and then not to stray!

    I also adore the Windenburg premades–maybe because European stereotypes don’t bother me the way North American ones do! LOL! I think the Villareals are the greatest, and I’ve really had fun getting to know all of them.

    I also really like Geoffrey Landgraab, I must admit. And of course, Cassandra and Alexander Goth are amazing!

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    1. I thought I’d deleted all of the pre-mades in Sims 4, but then I realized that I do still have a few in the townie bin. Of course, I’ve given all the townies their own backstories, and the Villareals…well, nobody knows this, but Max killed his parents by setting fire to the house. He’s a really “bad dude” in my game, and I worry a little whenever one of the single young females start talking to him. It’s fun to see how different characters change from one player’s game to another!

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