An Award for Jonathan Chronicles

Spirit Animal Blog AwardI’m honored to have been chosen by simmer Rosemary Marie to receive the “Spirit Animal” blog award. I’ve enjoyed reading her stories at Noble Doubt, and I hope you’ll check them out. She has a true gift for creating realistic characters as well as a very enjoyable voice as a writer. If you like “SimLit”, you’ll love her blog.

I’ve been part of the “Simming” community almost from the beginning. I started playing The Sims soon after it was released, but it was a few months before I discovered the online discussion board and came to see how much more fun the game could be when I shared my stories with others.

Since then, I’ve been actively involved in both the Sims 2 and Sims 3 communities, although in very different ways for each game. My rotational playing style didn’t work well with Sims 3, so I turned toward “modeling” and creating sims for other players to enjoy.

Now, with Sims 4, I’m active on the Forum — under the forum name of NoWayJose527 — and also through Jonathan Chronicles. Because of my forum name and the blog name, a lot of simmers mistakenly think I’m male. I’m not. I’m a happily married old woman with lots of stories to tell. I learn a lot about life from my sims, and I also see the game as a valuable resource for developing creativity. One of my passions in life is to help others understand their own inherent creativity — and to put it to use. I enjoy sharing my thoughts about life, love, and all things sim through this blog, and I hope readers might draw a bit of inspiration from it.

wolf-howlingAs for what animal I would be if I could choose…well, in a sense, I have chosen. I’m a wolf. At least, I used to be. Years ago, I became involved with LARP — Live Action Role Play — and for my character, I chose a wolf. It was a magical realm, of course, with an on-going storyline and many supernatural creatures.

It was quite an experience to be part of a wolf pack. I’ll never forget the night when one of our young members was killed — in game, that is. We mourned with long, soulful howls. I’ll remember it always.

Now, to choose ten nominees for the award!

There are so many outstanding sim blogs to enjoy, it’s a difficult choice. My nominees are:

I enjoy putting posts together each day for Jonathan Chronicles, and I hope you are enjoying the blog as well. Jonathan seems to be heading down an unfortunate pathway of late, and I hope he soon sees the error of his ways. Of course, only time will tell.

Thank you again, Rosemary Marie, for thinking of Jonathan Chronicles.


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