What Kind of Sim Are You?

result_16_excited_aristocratWell, not sure I agree with my results completely, but the latest fun quiz from EA tells me that I’m an “Excited Aristocrat” when it comes to simming. In other words, I’m a happy snob. Me? Really? That’s not exactly how I see myself, but it was a fun quiz all the same.

If you’ve missed the quiz, you can find it here: What Kind of Sim Are You?

For the record, IΒ do have a few “happy snobs” in my game. Benjamin Caldwell and his family come to mind. Most of my sims, though, are ordinary, hard-working folks whose lives center around their growing families.

Mostly I have a lot of creative sims.Β  My sims love to cook, write, paint, and make music. What a coincidence! So do I.

It’s fun to see what we have in common with our sims, how our game play reflects our own lifestyles, and the ways in which our game differs from who we are in real life.

Do your sims reflect your personal interests? Do they share your career and your interests? Have they developed similar skills? Do your sims have traits similar to yours? Or do you create sims who are the total opposite of who you are?

Fun questions to think about, and I’d love to hear your answers. And do take the quiz. Even if you don’t agree with the results, it’s fun to read.

result_06_playful_creative.pngUPDATE: I went back and took the quiz a second time, gave it a little more thought, and changed a few answers. Now I’ve come up with “Playful Creative”. That sounds more like who I really am. πŸ™‚







11 thoughts on “What Kind of Sim Are You?

  1. Like most generic quizzes, I’m so abnormal I can’t even fit myself into the options. I usually run into this problem because there are always sex/relationship questions and I am asexuals… that “forgotten” sexuality. How about a “I wouldn’t woohoo in any location” option? Sigh…

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      1. Picking randomly for things that just really couldn’t apply to me, I ended up with the Spaced-Out Artist. Which I actually can see… though I’ve always considered myself “derpy” more as a result of my daily chronic headache syndrome (and the medications I have to take for it, which definitely do wonders for a lack of focus) than strictly on personality. As a librarian I figured I would’ve ended up with something a little more on the organization/OCD scale, heh.

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  2. I think “Playful Creative” sounds like a good result for you. πŸ™‚

    As for me…. well, I got “Agreeable Mess.”


    “If life is a river, you know how to go with the flow. Do you have good tunes? Check. Do you have something tasty to drink? Check. Then you’ve got everything you need to have a good time. Yeah things might be a little disorganized. But you can’t make a tasty meal for everyone without making a little mess, right?”

    I kind of agreed with it until it got to the “disorganized” part. Nope. I am definitely a micro-organizer. And I clean the kitchen as I cook, if that makes sense. lol

    Anyway, it was fun to take the quiz and to see what you thought of it. πŸ˜€

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    1. I like silly little quizzes. One Facebook quiz told me I was an artist in a previous lifetime, and that seriously influenced my decision to learn to draw…so maybe sometimes they’re not so silly LOL. Oh, I also clean my kitchen as I cook. I don’t see how anyone functions in a kitchen that’s not neat. My husband thinks dishes should just pile up, and I can’t handle that. I have to explain to him that I can’t cook unless the kitchen is clean. You know, I’m a bit like a sim in that regard. If there’s something on the counter…nope, gotta put down my food and walk away! πŸ™‚

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  3. I’m a confident musical genius! It is what I’d like to be, in my dreams! I love music, I love to be confident, I would love to play music as well as I hear it inside! So… it fits who I want to be! πŸ™‚

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