The Sims and Art

Many of you follow not only this blog but my art blog — Artistcoveries — as well. It’s a visual look at my journey as I explore art and learn to draw and paint. It’s been an interesting journey.

While growing up, I always yearned to be an artist. But, alas, I couldn’t draw, so I gave up that idea, not realizing — as I know now — that drawing and painting are learnable skills. If you want to learn to draw or paint, you can. I didn’t know that until about a year ago, though.

Sims 4 ArtSo one way of satisfying my artistic urges was with The Sims.ย I envied them for their talents. Any sim could pick up a paintbrush and soon turn out beautiful works of art.


During the course of the original game, I had several sims who were accomplished painters, but it wasn’t until Sims 2 that my artists truly blossomed.

That was when I discovered I could add my own graphics files for my sims to use as “inspiration” on their canvases. Oh, did I add a lot! I had my sims painting floral displays, abstract art, gorgeous landscapes, and exotic animals. I had artists who specialized in ballerinas — Edgar Degas, anybody? — and some who painted only birds.

I had art professors, annual art exhibitions, and one crazy artist who rivaled Jackson Pollack for nasty temperament. I loved the game mechanics — how masterpieces could increase in value after the death of an artist. Most of all, I loved dreaming about how incredible it would be to actually do a little painting.

Now, I am happily painting watercolors, and I’m planning to learn acrylics and oil painting. I’m not good at it yet, but it is very enjoyable. In my Sims 4 game, of course, I have many artists. I have easels in the park, in the library, and at most of the cafes. I love sharing my passion for art even in the game.

As art is taking over more and more of my life and time, it’s only natural that my interests in The Sims and art would converge. So I did a bit of browsing this morning and discovered many ways in which art has been an important part of the game we love.

In addition to being a skill in all games in the series, art lovers can indulge their passion through their sims in many other ways.

Sims 2

Sims who attended University could pursue an art major and embark upon an art career. When the addition of Free Time, sims could also choose arts and crafts as a hobby.

Sims 3

Skills in the game included not only painting but also street art. As in Sims 2, University students could major in Fine Arts, and prepare for a career as an art appraiser. Sims could also possess the artistic trait.

Artistic ProdigiesSims 4

In the current version of the game, we still have the painting skill, as well asย art lover and creative traits. Sims can choose to pursue a career as an artist, or follow an aspiration to become a Painter Extraordinaire. Children, too, can aspire toward the creative arts as Artistic Prodigies, earning the creatively gifted attribute.

I hope your sims are taking advantage of the opportunities they have to pursue the arts, and I hope art is a part of your real life experience, as well.

If you have a moment, please drop by Artistcoveriesย and share my personal art journey with me.




8 thoughts on “The Sims and Art

  1. I love your art blog. I’m not a terrific artist by any means, but I do love painting. I mostly work in my art journal these days. I would say a large majority of my sims paint. I really like that aspect of the game. ๐Ÿ™‚

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