A Fun Find – Variable Relationships

If you’re a regular reader of this blog — and I hope you are — you know how much I love randomness in my simming. I create sims with randomly-chosen features in CAS. I randomly assign personalities and careers, not only to my CAS sims but to my townies as well. I keep a die next to my computer and roll it often to determine many different “random factors” in my game play.

This morning I found a wonderful little mod that will allow me to bring a new level of chaos and unpredictability into Sims 4. It’s the “Variable Default Relationship” mod by scumbumbo, and I can’t wait to try it in my game.

MTS_scumbumbo-1472599-VariableDefaultRelationshipsThanks, scumbumbo, for making this fun mod!

Here’s how scumbumbo describes the mod:

Everybody in a new household gets along by default. HOW UTTERLY BORING! Want a change? Want a challenge? With variable default relationships, your next household might be completely disfunctional!

This Mod will vary the starting sim relationships when a new household is created. The relationships can range anywhere from outright hatred to the very best of friends.

Both friendship and romance relationships vary. A married sim’s love may not be reciprocated, or perhaps both partners hate each other and it’s purely physical, or they could be great friends but the romance has gone stale!

The variance is not purely random. For those who know about probability, the resulting relationshps are based on a gaussian distribution centered on the default relationship values.

This mod will be great for the “townie” families I create for my game. It comes in three “strengths”, ranging from low to high.

  • The default version creates the highest level of variance
  • The medium version is somewhat less variable
  • The lowest strength will generally create relationships near to the default

I’ve downloaded the “high level” version, and I know I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.

Scumbumbo also says:

Since the results are based on statistical averages, even the lowest strength can on occasion create sims that utterly despise each other. It will be rare, but it is possible. BTW: I generated a lot of families during testing to tweak the results, but I am interested in any opinions as far as the tuning of the variances. Too much? Too little? Let me know!

This mod also affects newly generated “townie” sims households. Relationships in existing households will not be changed.


3 thoughts on “A Fun Find – Variable Relationships

    1. I’ve downloaded it, and I hope I can find a little time to go into the game and check it out. It won’t affect existing families, so I won’t see its effects until I create a new family or maybe if I put townies together in CAS. I wonder how it works if I download a family from the Gallery…? Not sure if it would affect their relationships or not.

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