Looking Back in Time

I’ve been in a bit of a nostalgic mood lately. Maybe it began when I returned to my old hometown to visit with a childhood friend, or maybe it’s just a natural part of the process of growing older. My nostalgia has carried over to my sims. I recently shared the theme music from the original game, and in several posts I’ve recounted a few favorite memories from Sims 2.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts here or if you’re active on the forum and have seen my posts there, you probably already know that I didn’t play Sims 3. Oh, I gave it a try, but for my playing style, Sims 3 just didn’t work. I kept at it for a while, searching for a way to play that I could enjoy, but between the game’s inherent incompatibility with my style, the lag, the bugs, and the computer crashes, I finally gave it up.

But how could I give up simming? Of course, I could have gone back to Sims 2, but I chose not to. It’s difficult to explain, but I’d mentally moved on. I’d ended the game with the birth of my original sim’s first grandchild, and that felt right somehow. It was time to move on.

Note: I played nearly a hundred different families in Sims 2, so my game play was very slow. Unlike legacy players who quickly finish generation after generation, my entire game consisted of a single generation.

So, there I was, stuck with a sims game that I couldn’t play without getting frustrated and angry. What was I going to do?

I continued visiting the Sims 3 forum, reading posts from other players, and browsing through the gallery. In time, I got involved in “sim modeling” and found that I enjoyed creating sims for other players to download almost as much as I’d once enjoyed playing the game.

Serena was one of my most popular sims. She's still on The Exchange.
Serena was one of my most popular sims. She’s still on The Exchange.

Yesterday, I went back. It felt a lot like stepping into a time machine, but there it was: my old “User Page” — I had a different forum name back then — complete with the sims I’d created and shared on The Exchange.

It was actually fun to remember each of the sims, to recall the old CAS program, and the upload process.

I found Serena. I found Andre. I found my “Romeo and Juliet” sims.

If you still play Sims 3 and would like to download Serena, here’s the Exchange link:


You can also visit MY STUDIO to see my other creations. Yes, the name is different, but it’s still me. Just looking at my old creations brings back a lot of memories. I hope over the last few years that the sims I created for Sims 3 have had good lives in the games of other players. And if you should happen to download Serena or another of my creations, please let me know! I would love to hear their stories.


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