Generic Problems!

One of the most frequent complaints I’ve seen on EA’s “Sims 4 Forum” — other than the lack of toddlers — is the fact that you just can’t do much on a generic lot.

What’s a generic lot? Any lot that’s not designated for a specific type — such as residential, park, museum, or any other game choice. Players often use generic lots to get around the game’s “building codes” — those annoying checklists that say you can’t have a park without a jungle gym or a library without a chess table. Although we’re supposed to “rule” in our game, that catchy little slogan doesn’t apply to building.

By choosing to create a “generic” lot, a player can create anything. The trouble is, though, that generic lots aren’t worth much because the game refuses to recognize them in many ways. It’s a huge frustration.

It was frustrating when I downloaded a gorgeous wedding chapel from the gallery, only to discover that my sims couldn’t plan their wedding there because of its generic status. And clubs? Forget it. No mater how clever and creative you are, your sims can’t Get Together at a generic lot.

Well, yes, now they can, not because of any in-game changes or patches, but because modder Shimrod101 has heard our pleas and has given us a wonderful new mod. It’s available at Mod the Sims.

Clubs, Parties, and Weddings at Generic Venues


In addition to making social events and clubs possible on our generic lots, this mod also lengthens club events to ten hours, and adds an additional two hours to weddings.

Don’t have Get Together? No problem. You can still use Shimrod101’s new mod for your social events. The files it modifies are all from the base game, so all players can take advantage of its benefits.

Now, if only we could take our dates to generic lots. I’m hoping maybe that will be part of a mod very soon.


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