Characters: Sara Evans

Playful SaraSara Foster Evans considers herself one of the luckiest women in the world. Her life couldn’t be more perfect, in her opinion. She met the love of her life was she was a young woman of 22, married him two years later, and together they raised two sons who have gone on to be successful, responsible young men.

From the start, Sara aspired to be a good wife to Edgar. She loves cooking and housekeeping — she’s very neat — and she’s always welcomed friends to their home.

After their first child, Michael, was born, Sara made up little stories to entertain him. Soon she was writing them down, gathering them into a book of children’s tales, and sharing them with others. Encouraged by the positive response her stories received, she continued writing. When their second son, Jonathan, came along, Sara’s book of stories grew larger still. She wrote of the boys’ adventures, their dreams for the future, and the love their family shared.

A popular woman’s magazine discovered Sara’s writings and offered her a position as a monthly feature writer. It was an ideal career for her. She was able to work at home, provide insights and inspiration to other families, and feel that she was making a valuable contribution to the world without having to sacrifice the time she spent with her family.

As her husband’s career with the NSSA advanced, Sara listened attentively to his accounts of rocket launches and space travel. She wrote Edgar’s official biography and also penned numerous articles about the special challenges they shared — the constant worries for his safety, the loneliness they endured while he was away on missions, and the difficulties he faced when it came time to retire from active flight duty.

Meanwhile, her imagination was creating new worlds based upon Edgar’s experiences in space. Sara turned her attention to the science fiction genre and was thrilled when her first novel — a young-adult story called The Alien from Toomootoo — became a best-seller. She now writes adult science fiction and has been nominated for several “Jupiter” awards.

Sara once dreamed of being rich and famous. She aspired to live in a large, luxurious home. In looking back, she now laughs at those dreams. In her opinion, she is rich, indeed. Even though they don’t have much money, Sara and Edgar have a good life, a strong marriage, and a love that never ends. As for that big house? No, thanks. The Evans could afford a bigger home, but Sara has no intention of ever leaving their house. It’s where they raised their family and where they now entertain the grandchildren Michael and his wife have given them. With Jonathan getting married soon, there will be more grandchildren to come.

It’s been a good life, and it’s only going to get better.

Aspiration: Mansion Baron

Traits: Active, Family-Oriented, Neat

Sara and Edgar Evans — as an adult couple– are available for download from the Gallery.




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