Happy Hunting

Even though I don’t use mods in my game, I know many other players rely on them to make the game more enjoyable and more suited to their individual playing style. Today, I’m sharing a new mod I found while browsing around a bit at Mod the Sims. It’s called “Easier Easter Egg Collecting“, by Shimrod101.

Sim photo from mcrudd’s newest “collection room”. You can download this and other collection rooms from the Gallery.

I’m not taking part in the egg hunt this year for a number of reasons, so fortunately simmer mcrudd has gathered all the eggs and shared them on the Gallery as a “collectible” room. As you can probably guess, I’m not a fan of collecting. The only time any of my sims has ever completed a collection was when I downloaded the items and put them up for sale in a retail store.

If you’re interested in getting collections from the gallery, you’ll find all the links in this forum post:

Collection Rooms

I’m grateful to simmer mcrudd for taking the time to organize these collections and make them available to players like me who would rather spend time with my households than scour every inch of the map for a piece of metal or rock…or even for a glowing Easter egg.

So, whether you choose to hunt them or download them, your sims can quickly complete this latest in-game collection to put on display.


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