Characters: Edgar Evans

Edgar EvansEdgar Evans is one of the most famous people in all of New Simeria. He came to Oasis Springs as a young man with two dreams in his heart. He wanted to find the right woman, get married, and have a family. He also wanted to see outer space.

He went to work at the National Simerian Space Agency and quickly proved that he had what it took to become an astronaut. He was assigned to the training team and before long he was promoted to lead.

While still a training cadet, he met and married Sara Foster. They have been blessed with two sons, Michael — who is following in his father’s footsteps at NSSA — and Jonathan, the gifted  young musician who hopes to take the classical music world by storm.

Edgar went on to complete a full tour of space duty and was then re-assigned to ground crew as a cadet training leader. He has a webpage on the Simerian internet, and many fans and followers. The children in Oasis Springs have also started an “Edgar Evans Fan Club”. He enjoys meeting with them and sharing stories about space. He also visits schools in the area to talk about NSSA and instill a love of science and engineering in young students.

He has a very out-going personality and a playful side, as well, traits that have made him popular with everyone he meets. Yes, he likes to play little pranks, and he can be a goofball. Life is short. Live large and have fun. That’s his philosophy.

As he’s grown older, he’s also grown wiser. He’s a bit more serious now, more focused on the truly important things in life — like his home, his wife, and his family. Nothing matters more to him now. He and Sara are looking forward to welcoming many grandchildren to their world.

Aspiration: Chief of Mischief

Traits: Creative, Goofball, Outgoing

Edgar Evans — as a young man — is available for download from the Gallery.




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