What’s Your Favorite Fantasy?

No, no… I’m not talking about those fantasies. I’m talking about The Sims and all the fantastic creatures that have been part of the game throughout the years. Even though my playing experience with “other wordly creatures” has been limited, I do enjoy hearing stories from other players.

I’ve shared my first “alien encounter” — the time my grandfather got abducted — but I haven’t mentioned the other times I’ve tried playing with weird things in the game. Those werewolves and vampires have always intrigued me, but my realistic playing still soon rebels if I try to incorporate fantastic elements into my simming.

In Sims 2, I did have a few “knowledge” sims who wanted to see ghosts, and that fit rather well into the family’s storyline. Mr. Langley was a retired professor. His wife was also quite brilliant, as were their two sons. It was after Professor Langley retired that he became interested in the supernatural. His wife scoffed at him — skeptic that she was — but every evening he and his youngest son would sit out in the yard close to a wooded area complete with gravestone. It was entertaining for a while, but after they saw the ghost and she became a bit of a nuisance, I’d had enough. Fortunately, so had Mrs. Langley. She insisted her husband tear out that wooded area, get rid of the old grave he’d found there, and plant a lovely garden.

Yes, dear.

Next I tried playing aliens. This was also in Sims 2, and I allowed myself to expand my storylines into more “sci-fi” themes. I created an alien couple, and as I played them, I felt a strange sense of alienation. Seriously. Whenever they went out, everyone seemed to ignore them. It was a weird feeling. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not personally prejudiced against aliens of any sort, but the other sims in my game sure were.

The alien scenario continued for quite some time, and the tensions between human sims and the aliens — who had now expanded in my game — grew steadily. Soon there were rumors of war. Well, why not go with it? As a tabletop war-gamer, I was prepared to orchestrate a few battles, and it did become quite dramatic. War stories, you know. But when one of my favorite sims — the adopted son of one of the nation’s leaders — was killed in battle, I couldn’t handle it. This couldn’t happen in my game. I broke all my rules and resurrected him. He wasn’t killed as was first reported. He was missing in action. Later, he was found, and I returned him home to his wife and child. Alas, he’d fallen in love with one of the female fighters he’d been with. His marriage was over, his reputation as a hero ruined, and I quickly “signed a treaty” to end the war and banished all aliens to a planet of their own, never to be played again.

I tried vampires. They’re so much trouble! I really don’t understand the fun of playing a vampire. Same with werewolves. I tried it; I didn’t like it.

Now, plant sims were cute. I’ll give you that. I had fun with little plant sims — until they grew up. Nope. Not fun. Way too unrealistic for my playing taste. So, no more plant sims for me.

Witches, yes, I can live with. I believe in natural magic, and I feel there are awesome powers surrounding us. I had several covens in Sims 2, one of which was headed by Diana Warner — who became one of the most infamous sims in my game. I’ll be sharing stories of Diana from time to time.

MimsyNow, with Sims 4, I’m staying away from fantasy. Yes, an occasional ghost appears, but so far they’ve only been seen by one elderly gentleman who’s grown quite senile and a group of “goofballs” in therapy. Obviously these ghosts aren’t real, but only figments of the imagination.

So, what about your game? Are your ghosts real? Do you tell fantastic stories with aliens from Sixam? What supernatural creatures do you want to see in the game?


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