Supermodel Sims

Do your sims ever aspire to be supermodels? You know, those glamorous faces you see on all the television ads and magazine pages, the true superstars who go on to create their own fashion, lingerie, or cosmetics line and who host reality shows like Project Runway.

Many simmers love to play with beautiful sims. I’d venture to guess, in fact, that other than game mods, the most frequently-downloaded custom content is for makeup and hairstyles. A quick check of Forum posts also shows the popularity of “modeling contests” for sims.

Creative Corner: The Sims 4 Sims and Modeling

I wasn’t able to play Sims 3 because of my playing style, so I did become involved with sim modeling. I created some very beautiful sims — if I do say so myself — and I took part in a number of competitions.

If you’re into sim-modeling, you’ll want to check out the game mods available, such as these “Pose and Animation” mods from Mod The Sims. You’ll also want to look at make-up and hairstyles. Most of all, you’ll want to check out the tutorials available in the Forum, such as “The Sims Modeling, Hosting, and Judging Guide“.

Of course, you and your sims don’t have to enter competitions to enjoy a modeling career. The game doesn’t include one, but a little imagination is all it takes to create your own “Supermodel” career. Maybe one day EA will get around to including it. Until then, I follow these career steps for my glamour sims.

I begin my selecting the Athletic career for my model sim. This career focuses a lot on physical fitness, certainly a quality a supermodel will need. It also requires developing charisma. Again, another quality a successful supermodel needs. It’s good if your supermodel wannabe has the active trait, of course.

As my sim progresses through each level of the career, I associate it with a level on a “modeling” ladder of success. Here’s the schedule I use:

Level 1 Waterperson – Modeling School

While the game sees my sim as a lowly-paid waterboy/watergirl hanging out in a sweaty locker room, I imagine my sim learning essential skills for the modeling profession — how to walk, how to increase self-confidence, how to apply make-up properly. I’ll often take my sims to the mirror to “change appearance”, letting those glamour-queens-in-the-making try on different lipsticks and eyeshadows. I usually send them off the visit my game’s professional photographer, William Sorensen. He’s actually a nature photographer, and he doesn’t have his own studio — yet — but he’s always willing to do photo shoots for my models.

Level 2 Locker Room Attendant – Freelance Assignments

When my sim “graduates” to Level 2, she — or he — has completed modeling school, and is now getting a few small assignments. According to the game, of course, my sim is still in that stinky locker room, picking up wet towels, and sorting out “unmentionables”. Either way, the money’s not great, but it’s a step toward better things to come.

Level 3 Team Mascot – Commercial Assignments

Frankly, I hate this level, both for my true athletes and for my supermodels. The costumes are ridiculous, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe you love them. At this stage of their careers, my supermodels have landed a job doing commercials — thus the awful costumes they must wear. It’s not glamorous by any means, but it goes a long way toward paying the bills.

Level 4 Dance Team Captain – High-Paying Assignments

Having paid their dues, my model career sims are now on the verge of success. They’re still doing television commercials, only now viewers can see a face and figure. Superstardom is still far away and they haven’t yet become household names. At least they do get recognized a bit when they stroll down the street.

At this point, as the Athlete career branches off, I choose the “Bodybuilder” track for my models. It’s all about appearances, baby.  Aspiring supermodels must be at their best at all times.

Level 5 Personal Trainer – Cover Model

Now, people are seeing my model’s face on more and more magazine covers. People actually know the model’s name. It’s not “super” stardom yet, but it sure feels good.

Level 6 Professional Body Builder – Popular Cover Model

My model is now becoming increasingly popular. He or she’s in high-demand for photo shoots. There’s a downside to this, though. My model might have to deal with over-zealous fans or paparazzi. Beautiful models might also be stalked. Here, I look over my townies — all those characters I have waiting in the wings ready to step into my stories. If I have one who fits into the storyline with my model, I’ll make note of it and watch for any interactions between them.

My beautiful supermodel Titania McTeague suffered a horrible fate when a crazed sexual predator stalked and killed her. Yes, there’s danger lurking in my game, and being in the public eye sometimes has tragic consequences.

Supermodel Titania McTeague poses for the camera near Oasis Lake.
                                         Supermodel Titania McTeague poses for the camera near Oasis Lake.

Level 7 Champion Bodybuilder – Tabloid Publicity

When a model has come this far, he or she is fair game for the press. People want to know everything, so anything one of my models does might become big news in the tabloids. Yes, it’s all in my mind, but it certainly makes for interesting little stories, like having one of my rather enterprising sims blackmail a model with certain private information. Interesting stories, indeed.

Level 8 Trainer to the Stars – Celebrity Guest Spots

As my model’s popularity increases, so do the invitations to appear on talk shoes or red-carpet events. These models are getting more and more “top” assignments, are hob-nobbing with the elite, and at this point, I might go into CAS and give a model the “snob” trait — if it seems appropriate. Of course, not all celebrities are snobs. As a player, for me it’s fun to dress my ladies up in their finest and allow them to host their own “elite” social events. Publicity, publicity, publicity. That’s the name of the game.

Level 9 Celebrity Bodybuilder – Reality Television

Reality shows are now calling. My sim model is popular enough to attract viewers, so he or she is invited to be part of a reality show. Maybe it’s a sim version of “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” or maybe my sims is asked to host a show. Again, I use my imagination, create a suitable opportunity and have fun pretending what my almost-super-model sim is doing.

Level 10 Mr. or Mrs. (or Miss) Solara System – Supermodel Success

This is the ultimate pinnacle of supermodel success. My sim has arrived at the top and has it all. It’s been a long, hard, sweaty, demanding road, and my model’s success is certainly well-deserved.

Models at Spa
A few successful models enjoying the sauna.

Yes, yes, it’s all pretense. While the game is telling me one thing, I’m looking the other way and telling myself something else. It works for me. It also adds variety to my game by giving my sims an additional career choice. I add to the realism by dressing up my model sims, sending them to the photographer for photo shoots, hosting elite parties, and forming “model” clubs.



Big Blue DividerSim modeling — whether as part of the game or through Forum competitions — can be a lot of fun. Why not give it a try?



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