Do Your Sims Celebrate Holidays?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I trust you’ll be wearing the green today, but what about your simmies? Will they be celebrating right alongside of you? Will you send them off to the dresser to pick out emerald-hued frocks?

Waking up this morning and realizing it was a holiday made me wonder if — and how — players of The Sims include holiday events in their games. Or do you include them at all? EA has provided a “Spooky Stuff” Halloween-themed Stuff Pack, and EA gave us a little Christmas gift with the free  “The Sims 4 Holiday Celebration Pack”. There were also “Easter eggs” added in last spring to give sims another collectible item to hunt down.

Holiday Pack
EA’s Holiday-themed gift to players includes items from different faiths.

With all the props we have, it’s certainly possible to create a festive atmosphere for our sims, and with a little imagination we can find ways for our families to celebrate special occasions. In Sims 2, I used to keep a community lot set aside for “town functions” — such as the Mayor’s Christmas Tree event in December. I let most of my sims decorate their homes for Christmas, too, either with trees, wreaths, or lights. Just like in real life though, putting them up and taking them down again can be a real nuisance.

My sims usually celebrate Thanksgiving, too. We usually have a big dinner with friends and family, and I tell myself — and my sims — that it’s a holiday celebration. It doesn’t seem to really have much of a holiday feel about it though.

Because of my play style, the time and season in my game doesn’t necessarily match that of my real world. Although it’s March and spring is only now beginning where I live, in my game right now it’s late August and sim kiddies are getting ready to go back to school. If I play regularly over the next few days, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will all come and go even though the season hasn’t changed outside my window. But that’s just how I play. My sims might think about holidays and a special occasion might be mentioned as I update their stories — such as a sim planning a Valentine’s Day wedding or expecting a new “bundle of joy” at Christmas — but because time passes so swiftly in my game, I don’t create elaborate holiday settings too often.

One holiday I never celebrate is our national Fourth of July festivity. It isn’t a lack of patriotism on my part — or that of my sims — it’s just that my sims don’t live in the United States of America. My Sims 2 lived in Simeria, my Sims 4 now live in New Simeria. It’s a national that has its own history, its own founding fathers, its own celebrations. For my sims, their national holiday is June 28, a date I chose in honor of my grandfather. It was his birthday. So just as we in the USA revere George Washington as a great leader, my simmies acknowledge the greatness of John William Zungs.

So now, I’m quite curious. Do you celebrate traditional holidays with your sims? Have you created any new holidays or special occasions that your families celebrate? Will your simmies be wearing green today?





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