What’s Wrong with Kids These Days?

It’s harder than Edgar Evans expected it to be. He’s been to space, he’s trained other astronauts, and he’s been a newsmaker giving interviews and appearing before television cameras. Yeah, all that was easy. What’s not easy is having his two Edgar Evanssons grown and gone.

He and Sara agreed to devote themselves now to one another and to their careers, but that doesn’t take away that lonely feeling. He misses his boys.

Of course, he sees a lot of Michael since they work together at NSSA. Michael and the other astronaut trainees also come over in the evenings at least once a week. It’s not the same, though.

And Jonathan? Well, that boy is so busy he doesn’t even call. Edgar worries a bit about his youngest son. Being a musician is a fine profession, but maybe it doesn’t provide the right amount of structure for Jonathan. Maybe he’s too sensitive, too emotional, too passionate. In other words, maybe he’s spending too much time chasing after love. Or lust. More likely lust.

Edgar’s thinking now that maybe he needs to have a long heart-to-heart with Jonathan. But when? The boy is too busy to call, so when would he find time to come visit mom and dad?

What’s wrong with kids these days?

He’s making a new rule. ¬†Dinner on Friday. With the family. Jonathan and Michael both need to be there. Michael can bring his wife and Jonathan…well, he can bring his “flavor of the week”. What a sorry state of affairs.

Edgar definitely needs a chance to talk to his son and set him straight on the real facts of life.



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