Characters: Bennett Rizzo

Today, I’m happy to introduce master violinist Bennett Rizzo. He’s retired from the National Simerian Orchestra, and is now holding master classes for a select few musicians, including Jonathan Evans. Bennett Rizzo

Other members of the Music Students League from the Academy of Performing Arts often attend the informal recitals Mr. Rizzo gives in his home.

He is now in his late seventies and is unsure how much longer he’ll be able to continue teaching.

His wife, Beatrice, recently passed away and Bennett is composing a violin work in her memory. He hopes to have it completed before he joins her in the great beyond.

Bennett is now searching for a housekeeper and companion. Candidates must have high levels of skill in both cooking and gourmet cooking. Interested ladies may apply by leaving a comment. A love of good music would also be a good quality.

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Traits: Creative, Genius, Glutton

Do YOU have a lady sim who might be a good match for Bennett? He’s a gentle soul who misses his wife greatly. Please share gallery links to your sims and help Bennett find a caring, concerned woman to keep him company in his final years.

Females of all ages are welcome to apply.

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