Your Favorite Mods: Work/Study Hard

Work reports
Filling out all those work reports is a real drag…especially when you can’t afford a home computer.

A lot of players have said that work in Sims 4 is a bit of a grind. In addition to “at home” requirements to advance in a career, sims also have to perform well on the job. Sometimes, filling that performance bar takes a long, long time.

Too long for many players. As a result egureh’s “Work/Study Hard” mod has become a player favorite. It’s available at Mod the Sims and will allow you to increase the rate at which your sim gains performance. The player can choose from several levels, ranging from 2-1/2 to 20  times the game’s default rate.

I don’t use this mod so I can’t attest to its reliability, but it does appear that the last update was about a year ago. As with any mod, download and use at your own risk. Since players from the Sims 4 Forum mentioned it many times when I asked about mods, I’m guessing it still works with the latest patches.

Your sims will still have to fill out reports for business, practice making drinks or meals for the culinary career, and before the other “home” assignments, but their on-the-job performance will make those promotions a lot easier to attain.


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