What’s a Girl to Do?

Fiona's got a little strategy in mind for getting Jonathan back.
Fiona’s got a little strategy in mind to make Jonathan jealous.

Things might be getting a little awkward with the music group from the Academy of the Performing Arts. Fiona Patterson hosted the group and performed a few cello pieces for them, and she had a hard time deciding whether she liked Jonathan Evans or Benjamin Brooks the most.

She flirted with them both, and she’d almost convinced herself that Benjamin might be the one for her. 

At first, she was even worried that Jonathan might get a bit ticked off at her for breaking things off with him.

But then she heard from friends that Jonathan Evans is a real player — and not just where music is concerned.

Apparently he’s chasing after — and sleeping with — any girl he meets. “He was only using you,” is what her friends are saying. That explains why he hasn’t called recently.

Trumpet player Benjamin Brooks is stealing Fiona's heart.
Is Trumpet player Benjamin Brooks really stealing Fiona’s heart? Or is it all part of her game?

How dare he treat her that way.  How dare he toy with her emotions. Fiona doesn’t like the idea of being used, and she’s going to get back at Jonathan. But how?

Call in the cavalry. In other words, Benjamin Brooks.

Reverse psychology. That’s what it’s called. She learned about it in one of her classes. She’s going to use that old trick and play hard-to-get.

Fiona’s going to cool it with Jonathan for now and pretend she now longer cares. She’ll flirt with Benjamin and spend more time with him. She’ll even parade him around on her arm a bit so that Jonathan will take note.

Yes, jealousy can be a girl’s best friend when she wants to win back a man’s attention. It wont’ be long until Jonathan calls and things between them really heat up again.


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