Your Favorite Mods: Disable Autonomous Mourning

Let’s face it. Death is a fact of life in Sims 4. Unless you’ve turned aging off, your sims are going to grow old and die. Even with aging disabled, your sims are still subject to death by many means. Sims can drown, be electrocuted, set themselves on fire, and even pass away from the rigors of too much woo-hoo.

Sims 4 UrnAlthough fellow sims don’t always react when the Grim Reaper comes calling, they will definitely react to the presence of an urn or tombstone — even if they didn’t know the deceased. It’s annoying. They’ll drop items from the queue so they can rush to a grave to weep and wail and wring their hands in despair.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s fine to pay respect to the dead — when directed to do so. It’s just the autonomous action that drives players batty.

When I recently asked players on the Sims 4 Forum to tell me about their favorite game mods, one of the most frequently mentioned was Snaitf’s “Disable Autonomous Mourning“. It’s available at Mod the Sims and will stop your sims from grieving at the sight of an urn or tombstone. You can, of course, still direct your sim to mourn at appropriate times.

Note: If you previously downloaded Snaitf’s Buyable Graves, this mod will not disable autonomous mourning on those urns and tombstones. The mod has now been updated to include this feature, so you’ll want to re-download those items.

Players love this mod. Here’s what Chellejo had to say about it on the forum:

I’d likely never have a tombstone on my lot without Snaitf’s Disable Autonomous Mourning. My sims would stop 3-4 times during making one meal to go mourn. It was far, far too much. And it wasn’t even always someone they were close with. I literally brought a sim in, thru marriage, and he immediately upon entering the house, went to mourn his wife’s dead grandmother. Having never met her. And proceeded to stop cooking repeatedly to mourn her. Too, too much.

If your sims are mourning “too, too much”, you might want to check out Snaitf’s Disable Autonomous Mourning and get back to your game without all the fuss and bother an urn or grave can bring.

Big Blue DividerAs always, I must post a little disclaimer. I haven’t used this mod, so I can’t provide a personal recommendation. Jonathan Chronicles will not be responsible for any problems to to your game or system should you use any of the mods listed on this site. Please remember that mods can cause problems and may need to be updated frequently.

I’ll be sharing more “Favorite Mods” in future posts. If you have a mod you consider essential to your game enjoyment, please mention it in a comment so I can add it to my list. If you’re a Forum member, you can also respond to the question there. Here’s the link again: What Are Your Favorite Mods?

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