How to Please a Woman

Some guys seem to have all the luck, and Jonathan Evans is one of them. He’s getting quite a reputation as a ladies’ man. Recently his old high-school friend, Alonzo Sams, invited him over in hopes of getting a bit of advice.

Jonathan gives his friend Alonzo a bit of advice on how to please a woman.
Jonathan gives his friend Alonzo a bit of advice on how to please a woman.

Alonzo has been a bit down in the dumps. His relationship with Sofia Jensen isn’t going anywhere. Lately she’s always too busy to spend time with him. She rarely returns his phone calls, and Alonzo is wondering how he can win her heart. Who better to ask than Jonathan?

Jonathan had plenty of advice to offer. Music, he said, always works.

Find out what she likes to listen to and tune in. Better yet, play a song for her, and be sure to promise to dedicate a song to her.

Hmmm…that’s great for someone like Jonathan who happens to be a violin prodigy. Not so great for guys like Alonzo who got tired of his mother nagging at him to practice the piano when he was a kid.

Thankfully, Jonathan had more suggestions.  “The way to win a woman’s heart is to tell her what she wants to hear.” That’s Jonathan’s best advice. Oh, that and “Stop focusing on her so much.” According to Jonathan, guys need to play a little “hard-to-get” at times, too. Or as he put it, “Make her come to you.”

What’s he got to lose? Alonzo will try a few of Jonathan’s strategies and see what happens.

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