The Townie Project – Part 6: Who Killed Titania McTeague?

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Part 2: Who is Sergio Romero?
Part 3: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
Part 4: What’s Your Style?
Part 5: Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?

At this point in my Townie Project, I had to face a dreadful reality. Even as I worked to assign occupational roles, personalities, and other background information to the townies in my unplayed bin, I knew I would lose some of them. Because of the game mechanics known as culling, townie sims would still appear and disappear at random. I could protect a few townies by placing them in what I call safe houses — that is, putting them onto a lot in the game — but that wasn’t a practical solution for all of the sims in my game.

Like it or not, I had to accept the fact that I would lose some townie sims. This soon lead to a little mystery in my game.

Who Killed Titania McTeague?

After playing several households in the game, I took a deep breath and checked my unplayed bin. I knew a few of the townies on my list would now be gone. I braced myself and prepared to see who the game had taken away.

A lot of my townies were elders. It was fairly easy to say good-bye to them knowing they’d most likely passed away from natural causes. I could imagine the townspeople recalling the deceased with fond memories. Old Arthur Jimenez, the lawyer, had gone to the great judgment in the sky. Dear old Miss Messer, the long-time art teacher at the elementary school would now be painting lovely pictures of heaven. Just as in real life, I quietly acknowledged each passing, paid my respects, and moved on.

But as I started reviewing the list of “missing townies”, I came across not only elders, but adults, and young adults, as well. Surely they hadn’t all been stricken by some fatal disease. They’d been in perfect health, so it obviously made no sense to mark them as deceased. Their disposition, I quickly realized, could be determined by their personal characteristics and role — at least in the case of Titania McTeague.

Supermodel Titania McTeague poses for the camera near Oasis Lake.
Supermodel Titania McTeague poses for the camera near Oasis Lake.

Titiania was actually a sim I’d created in CAS. I had made her and moved her in with another young adult female, Evangeline Adams. The two of them were supermodels, glamorous young women who’d achieved monetary success but had never found true love. They were both looking.

Together they would hit the bars and clubs of Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, and eventually Evangeline did fall in love and marry. It was time for Titania to move out. Because I no longer needed her in the game and had no place for her in my regular rotation schedule, she went to the “Unplayed” townie bin.

And so it was, when I realized she was suddenly gone from the game, I felt a twinge of sadness. “Poor Titania,” I thought to myself. “You never really had a chance.” But what had happened to her? Why had she suddenly moved away?

Just then I noticed her assigned personality role. Victim.

I knew at once what had happened to poor Titania. She’d been murdered, and I knew exactly who had done it.

Previously, in Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?” I wrote about the criminals and sexual offenders in my game. I briefly mentioned the killers, but did not go into detail about them. If you’ve read that earlier post, you know that my decision was to mark every 44th townie on my list as a killer.

But not all killers are the same.

Referring again to Writer’s Guide to Character Traits, I reviewed the various types of murderers:

1 Argumentative
2 Domestic
3 Erotomaniacal
4 Extremist
5 Female
6 Incidental
7 Inheritance
8 Passionate
9 Professional
10 Product-Tampering
11 School Shooter
12 Serial Killer
13 Sexual Killer
14 Simmering Killer
15 Terrorist
16 Visionary Killer

Each time I mark a townie as a killer, I jump over to and quickly determine the particular type. So it was, as I looked over my spreadsheet, not far from Titania McTeague’s name, I saw the following information:

Luke Tristan Bars and Clubs Pool Hustler 20 Resilient Sexual Killer

I knew at once that I’d found the murderer. I knew who had killed Titania McTeague. And it wasn’t much of a stretch for my imagination to understand how and why it had happened. Remember her search for love? Remember all those bars and clubs where she and her friend hung out? Obviously she’d met her killer at one of those clubs and lost her life as a result. Looking for Mr. Goodbar, anyone?

Although I knew the identity of the killer, my game sims didn’t, and thus began the mystery. As each new month rolled around in my rotation, I used a die to follow the progress of my detectives on the case. It was so much more interesting than the meaningless crimes the game gives them to solve. It was also rather poignant because the lead detective on the case, Justin Simone, was the man Titania’s friend and former roommate had married.

Yes, in time, Tristan Luke was caught. He went to trial, was convicted, and is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole. The streets of New Simeria are safe once again.

Or are they?

Coming Soon: It was Nice Knowing You!


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