Prim and Proper

Next up on Jonathan’s list of romantic conquests? Hattie Mae Richards.

Jonathan knew she might be a bit more challenging to get to know than some of the other girls from the music school. Hattie’s on the quiet side, almost shy. She’s very prim and proper, and sure enough, when he invited her over for a rehearsal — they’re performing in a summer orchestra together — she was a bit hesitant about coming over to his place.

First Kiss
Jonathan and Hattie share a first kiss.

After his first flirtatious remark, she decided she should leave. She just wasn’t comfortable, she said. Well, smooth, suave Jonathan suggested he walk her home, and their walk took them through the park on a lovely day. Soon they were getting a little closer, he was holding her hand, and all her inhibitions floated away.

Instead of going home, she came back to Jonathan’s house, and surprise, surprise! With a little persuasion and sweet talk, Jonathan soon had her slipping under the covers with him for a bit of woo-hoo.

They do have a lot in common, so she could be called a contender, too. He’s adding her to his list.


Now comes the big decision. Which of these lovely ladies will become his “Official Girlfriend”?

Or maybe he’s not yet ready to settle down and make that choice. What about Nadia Billings? Should he call her again? What about Lucille McIntyre?

There are so many young ladies who love music. How can he decide which one he wants? Why can’t he have them all?




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