Your Favorite Mods: MC Command Center

A recent post featured a list to the “10 Top Mods for Sims 4” — at least, in the opinion of a writer for Paste Magazine. From hanging around the Sims 4 Forum, I’m familiar with a few mods even though I don’t use them in my game.

How about posting a list of “10 Top Mods for Sims 4” as chosen by my fellow players? I went to the Forum again and posted the question: What Are Your Favorite Mods? A lot of simmers responded with a LOT of mods. In fact, over 30 different mods were mentions.

Before I go on, I feel obliged to once again place a little disclaimer here. I don’t use mods, so I can’t personally recommend any mods, and Jonathan Chronicles will not be responsible for any problems to your game or system should you use any of the mods listed on this site. Please remember that mods can cause problems and may need to be updated frequently.

That said, let’s begin today to take a look at the most popular mods as chosen from the Sims 4 community.

MC Command Center
Deaderpool’s MC Command Center is available at Mod the Sims.

It came as no surprise that Deaderpool’s MC Command Center ranked as the #1 mod available.

This is the mod that does everything. It expands the game’s functionality and provides a bit of story progression for those who are looking for that sort of thing.

The MC Command Center has various components so that the player can choose which options to install and use. These various options cover career functions, club functions — for those who have Get Together — and addresses a number of “clean-up” issues for the game.

Since I don’t use the mod, I can’t explain it. I can only share information about it. Comments about it included:

…all sorts of functions, not to mention being updated frequently…

I have to have the MC Command mod… that’s a must…

MC Command is a necessity for me…

You get the idea, I’m sure. Players love the mod. You can find it at Mod The Sims along with complete information on what the mod will do for your game, as well as instructions for downloading and installing.

I’ll be sharing more “Favorite Mods” in future posts. If you have a mod you consider essential to your game enjoyment, please mention it in a comment so I can add it to my list. If you’re a Forum member, you can also respond to the question there. Here’s the link again: What Are Your Favorite Mods?

Another Favorite Mod
Disable Autonomous Mourning


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