Woo-Hoo! More Fun for Jonathan

Jonathan's having a great time with the girls.
     First Kat, now Fiona. Jonathan’s having fun.

Oh, what fun it is! Jonathan’s summer is hotter than he ever imagined it would be. He’s got Kat Phillips dangling on one string, and now Fiona Patterson is hot for him, too.

What about Benjamin Brooks and Fiona’s little fling with him? Apparently, like Jonathan, she doesn’t want to commit herself to anyone too soon. She wants to live a little, as she puts it.

Jonathan invited her over, they chatted a bit, and she turned on the flirtatious charm almost at once. It wasn’t long before she was dragging him off to the bedroom for an evening of woo-hoo.

Afterward, they talked about music! About string instruments and theory! What a gal. She even asked for his advice on her performance techniques. He truly enjoyed the time he spent with Fiona, and that makes her another good contender for the “official girlfriend” title.

Now, what’s a man to do? Well, how about spend a little time with yet another young lady? He’d still like to get better acquainted with Hattie Mae Richards. Sounds like a good plan to Jonathan.





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