What’s Your Most Memorable Moment in Simming?

We’ve all had those moments in our game, moments when we shake our head and say “Did that just happen?” or moments when our eyes get wide, we gasp, and say “Oh, no!” We’ve all had moments that have made us laugh out loud, and if you’re like me, maybe you’ve had a few moments that have made you cry.

One of my most memorable simming experiences was the day my grandfather got abducted by aliens. This was back in the early day of The Sims, and I had no idea alien abductions even occurred. I’d built the house where I lived growing up, but with my sisters, parents, and grandfather all living on one lot, the house was too small and inconvenient for the game. So, hey, it was a game, right? I could build the house I always wanted to live in when I was growing up. It included a nice privacy fence around the backyard.

I was playing out a typical day in the life of my family, going through all the old routines. I practiced piano, then at dinner time it was my responsibility to wake my grandfather from his afternoon nap. I’d sent him off to his room earlier, but to my surprise, he wasn’t there.

A quick search of the house failed to locate him. Had he somehow gotten lost behind that privacy fence? I turned the screen at every possible angle, desperate to find my grandfather. His icon was still there, but where was he?

TS1_TelescopeSuddenly he came crashing to the ground from the sky. What was going on? That’s when I first discovered the forum where players could chat about The Sims. I learned that, yes, alien abductions happen, and if you’d had the pleasure of knowing my grandfather, you’d know how fitting it was that he should be the one to be beamed up. He was always very much ahead of his time, so it was only natural that instead of taking his afternoon nap, he got up and started playing around with that telescope in the yard.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of memorable moments, and I’m sure you have, too. Please share them! I’d love to hear about your game and the unforgettable experiences you’ve had.



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