Do It Now

My sims teach me a lot about life, and today I’d like to share an important lesson from a very kind-hearted woman named Beatrice. Recently, Beatrice — a resident of Willow Creek — passed away at the age of 76. Her life was not an especially easy one. She was born Beatrice Oaks, married Silas Caldwell, and then upon his death in a factory accident, found herself raising her son on her own. She worked hard, putting her own dreams aside to provide stability and security for her child.

As an adult, with her son grown and on his own, Beatrice found a good man. She married Don Iverson, a software developer, and at last she was able to enjoy life a bit. What did she want? She wanted to be an author. Her husband and her son both encouraged her, and she sat down at the computer and began practicing. She practiced every writing exercise from every book on fiction-writing she found.

Her son often asked if she’d started writing yet. No, not yet. She needed to practice writing a little more. Her husband suggested she go ahead and give it a try. But Beatrice felt she had more to learn, so she kept right on practicing.

BeatriceBeatrice’s life took another turn when her second husband passed away. The widow opened her home to a young single father and his infant son, grateful for a little companionship. She enjoyed taking care of little Coleman while his father pursued his dreams of becoming an artist. As for Beatrice and her own dreams, well, she kept practicing as time allowed.

Eventually, Coleman and his father moved on, and Beatrice was fortunate to meet a wonderful man with whom she could share the rest of her life. She met and married Bennett Rizzo, former master violinst with the National Simerian Orchestra.

“Write that book, Beatrice,” he told her again and again. Each time, her reply was the same. She wasn’t good enough yet. She had to practice more. Bennett pointed out to her that she would learn more in the process of writing a novel than she would ever learn from practicing, that the experience itself would teach her all she needed to know. But Beatrice was adamant. Until she finished practicing, she wasn’t going to try writing a novel.

And then, suddenly, her life was over. She went to sleep late one night, realizing that time was running out quickly, and that she would never get around to writing that book. She’d spent too much time practicing.

Beatrice Rizzo passed away with her dream unfulfilled. She leaves behind, however, a legacy of hope and a word of wisdom to those who still have their dreams.

Do it now. Don’t wait until you’ve learned everything. Don’t put it off while you practice. Whatever you dream might be, go for it. Do it now because time passes swiftly.



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