The Fun Begins

Looks like Jonathan's got some explaining to do.
Looks like Jonathan’s got some explaining to do.

Jonathan Evans is having a great time. He invited Kat Phillips over, and it was a bit awkward at first. She really wanted to play hard to get. She told him off, said she wasn’t interested in seeing a cheater, and swore he was flirting with Fiona Patterson.

Yes, yes, we’ve been through that before. Luckily, Jonathan took time to plan things out a bit. He knows how to soothe a young woman’s soul. A little music, romantic sandalwood incense, a red rose.



Fruitcake Kat
          “I made this fruitcake just for you, Kat.” 

He soon had Kat eating out of his hand — fruitcake, in fact — and one thing quickly led to another. They ended up doing the woo-hoo, not once but twice, and Kat left the next morning with a lovely smile on her face. So much better than the awful scowl she was wearing when she arrived. She’s definitely in contention for the title of “official girlfriend”.






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