Storytelling Fun – Online Generators

Recently on the Sims 4 Forum, a player provided links to a couple of fun “randomizers” to help flesh out characters for simming stories. You might want to check them out.

Generator Land: Fleshing Out Sims

Create a Random Sim

I often use randomization in my game in a number of ways, including trait selection, facial features in CAS, artistic styles for artists, writing genre for my authors, and other selections. For simple randomizations, a quick and easy website to use is:


Steve Simmons was created by randomizing each separate facial feature.
Steve Simmons was created by randomizing each separate facial feature. He is available for download from The Gallery.

But with the wonders of the worldwide web, we’re not limited to simple choices. We can find online generators that will randomly provide names for characters and towns, personalities and occupations, and even entire plotlines for stories.

Granted, most of the randomly-generated plots aren’t going to be too useful. At least, not as they’re initially spun-off by the generator. They can, however, spark the creative imagination and become a starting point for a well-crafted story.

Looking for a way to add a little excitement to that dull family of sims you’ve been playing lately? Head over to one of the many fun generators to come up with a single event or an entire plot — anything from fantasy to romance to mystery and beyond.

Event Generator

Plot Generator

Title Generator

Writers Plot Idea Generator

Just for fun, I rolled up a little plot idea using the Writers Plot Idea Generator linked above. Here’s what it gave me:

An immoral single mother is framed for a mysterious disappearance. The story is encumbered by a secret revealed.

Certainly that’s grist for the storytelling mill. A sim-storyteller could easily create a character based on this idea and come up with a mysterious tale. How will it end? Will she find a way to prove her innocence? Or will she spend the rest of her life behind bars? What will happen to her child?

A plot idea like this can also be used as backstory for the characters in your game. Maybe the sim you’re playing is the child of this single mother, now all grown up and looking for answers.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to plotting stories. Whether your write them, play them out as videos, publish them with screen shots or simply enjoy them within your game, storytelling is an integral part of The Sims. Online generators can send the imagination off in truly unexpected ways, so the next time you’re wondering what monkey wrench to throw into your sims’ lives, check out one of the many online generators and have a bit of fun.



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