Quick Fixes without Cheating – A Handy Guide to Sims 4 Reward Potions

Ever come home from work or school feeling totally drained? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reach for a handy elixir and suddenly be filled with energy again? We might have Red Bull and other energy drinks, but nothing in the real world compares to the “quick fix” our sims have for low energy — and other uncomfortable conditions.

confidentpotionNo matter what discomfort our sims are experiencing, we have only to give them a bottle of potion, and they”ll be “back in the green” immediately. It’s a no-hassle, no-cheating way to keep our little simmies at their best.

Potions are readily available through the “Rewards” system. Fulfill your sims’ whims, and you’ll receive “aspiration points” to spend in the Reward Store. Here’s a quick list at the potions available there.

100 Points

Fun potion: Provides instant fun for your sim, filling the bar immediately. This can greatly improve a sim’s mood, of course, so he or she can complete high-priority tasks such as filling out reports for business or other skilling activities.

Hygiene potion: Great to use for those work-outs when your sim is hot, sweaty, and stinks too bad to even continue. Great, too, if your sim has a hot date planned after a work-out session. Who’s got time to stop and shower? No need. Just down a gulp of hygiene potion and your sims is good to go.

200 Points

Confident potion: Just as its name suggests, this formula will give your sim a boost of confidence lasting for 3 hours. Does your sim’s job require a confident approach? Down this potion before leaving for work and watch those promotions get closer and closer.

Energy potion: The Sims 4 equivalent to an energy drink, this potion will put your sim in an energized state at once. Get more done with a quick burst of energy potion! Jog, push the limits, and cook energy bars.

Flirty potion: Got a date? Chug down a little flirty potion before you leave the house. Your sim will be in a very flirty mood for hours. It’s pretty, it’s pink, it’s just what your socially inept sim needs before putting the moves on that special someone.

Focus potion: Hocus pocus! Here’s how to focus! Whenever your sim needs to concentrate — schoolwork, painting, career activities — this handy formula will do the trick. Lasts for 3 hours.

Happy potion: Sims don’t have valium or anti-depressants, but a little happy potion will give them an instant lift. Got a gloomy Gus? Give him a shot of happy juice. Your sim feeling blue because the pregnancy test came back negative? Cheer her right up with happy potion. It lasts 3 hours.

Inspiration potion: This one is great for writers, artists, and musicians who need a little inspiration in their lives. Keep a supply in inventory. Never run out of inspiration again!

400 Points

Sleep Replacement potion: Sleep? Who needs it? Your sims do, of course, unless they chug a bottle of this no-dose potion. It will leave your sim refreshed and the energy bar totally restored to its full, green glory. When your sim’s wake-sleep cycle gets totally out of whack — that happens, you know — you can set things to rights again with a quick shot of this formula.

500 Points

Moodlet Solver potion: Why settle for filling one bar when you can fill them all for a few simoleons more? The Moodlet Solver potion does precisely that. No matter how down in the dumps, how dirty, how hungry, or how lonely your sim might be, one swig of Moodlet Solver will make the world beautiful again.

750 Points

Insta-Large potion: Remember South Park’s Weight Gain 4000? Your sim can immediately put on the pounds with Insta-Large potion. The question, of course, is why your sim would want to suddenly gain 200 pounds, but maybe there’s a good reason for it. If so, Insta-Large potion is just what you need.

Insta-Lean potion: Most sims — the women, at least — would rather lose than gain. As far as I know, there’s no in-game equivalent to The Biggest Loser yet, so your sims will have to settle for a dose of this fast-acting potion. It immediately puts your sim at a healthy weight, but it doesn’t appear to affect muscles in any way.

1500 Points

Youth potion: Expensive, yes, but worth it if you need to give your sim more time to enjoy a life stage. Whenever this potion is consumed, it will re-set the sim’s age back to the start of the current stage. If your sim wants to stay young forever, the Youth potion will make it possible. Even as others around your sim grow old and die, your sim can be forever young.

These “Reward Potions” are the quickest and easiest ways to change your sim’s mood or physical state, although there are other ways, too. Be sure to follow the blog to catch future posts on mixing potions in the game.

Happy Simming!


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