Characters: Hattie Mae Richards

01-30-16_5-16-46 AMHattie Mae Richards is another student — and another violin major — at the Academy of the Performing Arts. She is also another lady on Jonathan’s ever-growing list of possible romantic prospects.

Despite their shared love for the violin, Jonathan and Hattie don’t know one another too well. She’s on the quiet side and tends to remain in the background during rehearsals or concerts.

Like Jonathan, Hattie Mae hopes to someday have a place in the National Simerian Orchestra, although she doubts she would ever be given the coveted “first violin” role. It would be far too much responsibility for her to handle. She’d be content to simply be part of the orchestra.

Hattie Mae has no family living in the area. Her parents are both deceased, and she was raised in a foster home. She looks forward to eventually finding a good man, getting married, and having a true family.


Hattie Mae is available for download at the Gallery.

She is included in the MUSIC STUDENTS household.

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Traits: Creative, Music Lover, Neat




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