Characters: Kat Phillips

If you’ve been following along with Jonathan’s adventures in life, you’re already familiar with pretty Kat Phillips.

Katherine Anne Phillips, better known as “Kat”.

Like Jonathan, Kat is a student at the Academy of the Performing Arts. A piano major, Kat first met Jonathan when she accompanied him on a duet. They performed Adagio con Amore, a piece by renowned composer Brian Crain.

They connected again when the Music Students League began meeting. Both Kat and Jonathan are members of the group. Following one meeting, Jonathan suggested cappuccino at the Hare and Hedgehog, and their first date was underway. Obviously Kat and Jonathan have a lot in common. Kat was quite flirty with him, and Jonathan sensed that she might be willing to consider a steady relationship — and a bit of woo-hoo, too.

Of course, he’s not one to rush into things, so he’s not pushing Kat. But she’s definitely in the running as his top romantic prospect.

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Traits: Good, Creative, Music Lover

Kat Phillips and her roommates at the Academy are available for download at the Gallery. You can find them under the household name MUSIC STUDENTS. Enjoy!

Big Blue DividerDo you think Kat is the one for Jonathan?

Or should he pursue other options?

Big Blue DividerBe sure to check out the music of Brian Crain. If you like violin and piano, you’ll enjoy it.

Violin and Piano


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