Characters: Alonzo Sams

Alonzo SamsAlonzo Sams is one of Jonathan’s former classmates. He’s a year older and now lives in Newcrest, not far from Jonathan’s new home.

He’s a good fellow with a sensitive side. Although Alonzo is usually very self-assured, he’s got a jealous streak, as well.

While still in high school, he became interested in horticulture and soon began growing and selling flowers at a nearby farmers’ market. His interest in making a bit of spending money grew into a lifelong love for gardening.

Alonzo’s long-range goal is to someday have a little florist shop in Newcrest or one of the surrounding areas. Of course, that dream is a long way from reality. He’s only got a few simoleons in his pocket, but he doesn’t mind the long hours he spends with his roses, bluebells, and other flowers.

He’s the son of award-winning ambient musician, Paulette Sams. His father, Edmund, tends bar at the Blue Velvet. Alonzo is currently seeing Sofia Jensen and hopes the relationship will lead to future happiness.

Alonzo Sams is available for download at the Gallery.

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Traits: Good, Self-Assured, Jealous

Note: Alonzo is a “born-in-game” sim.



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