Playing the Field

July 1030

Jonathan Evans is having a wonderful summer. Of course, he did well in his first year of studies at the Academy of Performing Arts, and now he’s enjoying a bit of a break.

Music Students.png
Music students from the Academy of Performing Arts – From left to right, Tom Henderson, Kat Phillips, Lucille McIntyre, Jonathan Evans, Fiona Patterson (at the piano) and Hattie Mae Richards

The student music organization still meets regularly, and he’s doing a lot of flirting. There are some very talented young ladies at the Academy. There’s Hattie Mae Richards, another violinist, there’s Kat Phillips and her sister, Emily Sue. There’s Lucille McIntyre, too. Of them all, Kat is the one who has definitely caught Jonathan’s eye. Oh, there’s Fiona Patterson, a piano and cello player, too.

But back to Kat! She’s a piano major, and she and Jonathan met while rehearsing a piano and violin piece. They hit it off, they went out to a coffee shop, and she got really flirty. He doesn’t want to commit himself quite yet. He’s fairly certain she’d agree to an exclusive relationship, but he’d like to play the field a little longer.

He and Hattie Mae have a lot in common, of course, so he might ask her out one day just to see how it goes. He’s had some music theory classes with Fiona Patterson, and she seems to be very nice. Oh, there are a lot of choices. He’s not in a hurry to settle down with one particular young woman.

What about Nadia Billings? Who? LOL…he’s forgotten all about her.


Will Jonathan later regret his choices? Or will playing the field lead to love? Will the player become the played? Follow the Jonathan Chronicles to see where his search for love will lead.


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