Characters: Nadia Billings

It’s been said that no man is an island, and the same holds true for our sims. They are social creatures, living and playing among others of their kind. They work. They attend school. They make friends. They fall in love.

Jonathan’s story, therefore, will be not only the story of his life and achievements — or his failures — but the story of his interactions with many other individuals.

Today, I’m presenting Nadia Billings, a young woman who caught Jonathan’s eye when they were classsmates at Oasis Springs High School.

01-07-16_7-14-28 AM.png

Nadia and Jonathan went to Senior Prom together, but other than the fact that they both love music, they have nothing in common. They went together only because neither of them had any other invitations.

Although Jonathan might have been briefly infatuated with Nadia, they don’t make a good pair. She grew up in a poor household with very little parental discipline. She somehow thinks she’s better than everyone else, and she’s not very pleasant to be around. She and Jonathan didn’t have a great time at prom. Afterward, he quickly took her home and said good-night.

Still, when Jonathan first moved out on his own and found himself facing an empty house, he decided to give Nadia a call. Sometimes, perhaps, any contact with another human being is preferable to being alone. That’s how Jonathan was feeling.

She agreed to drop by to see his new living quarters, but she never showed up. That’s how Nadia is.

Aspiration: Public Enemy

Traits: Evil, Music Lover, Snob

Sims 4 players can download Nadia at the Gallery.


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