Happy Birthday, Jonathan

February 1030

Happy Birthday

Jonathan Evans just celebrated his 19th birthday, and he’s moved out into a place of his own. He’s not sure he’s going to like it, though. It’s so strange being all by himself.

He’s broker than broke, and he’s wondering where his next meal will come from. Well, it’s not a big problem, really. If he gets hungry, he’ll go over to see his mother and father. They’ll loan him money, too.

Alonzo Sams and Kurt Bowen are both living nearby, so they came over to hang out for a while, along with Alonzo’s roommate, Randall. Jonathan also called Nadia Billings and asked if she wanted to see his new place. She said she’d try to make it, but she never showed up.

Oh, well. He’s keeping busy practicing and trying to get accustomed to being alone. It’s so weird.

“A birthday is the beginning of a 365-day journey around the sun.

Enjoy the trip.”


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